11 reasons why Boxing Day is almost better than Christmas Day

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11 reasons why Boxing Day is almost better than Christmas Day.

Ok, we did say *almost* as nothing quite beats waking up on Christmas morning. However, Boxing Day can give Christmas a run for its money. From indulging in leftovers to still feeling comatosed from Christmas - the no stress and napping frenzy of Boxing Day makes it a winner in our book and here's why...

1. Leftovers.

Have one too many spuds left over from Christmas Dinner? Boxing day is the perfect time to make use of all those roasties and veg we couldn't polish off. Nothing says Boxing Day quite like bubble and squeak for breakfast, does it?

2. More leftovers.

Once you're done with your bubble for brekkie, give it a few hours and you're feeling peckish again. Turkey sandwiches anyone? They always go down a treat and are almost, *almost* as good as Christmas dinner itself. If only there were more pigs in blankets to go round too? Sadly, those babies never make it to Boxing Day.

3. Did we mention leftovers?

Well, Christmas is for eating and drinking. Once you're through with your Christmas dinner leftovers, there's got to be a mountain of cheese and crackers ready and waiting for you - not to mention all that chocolate too. Three courses down and you didn't even have too cook - now that's pretty ideal, right? Our bellies are one very happy bunny by the time Boxing Day is through.

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4. No stress.

Worried you might burn the turkey? Fretting you won't have the house spick and span before the family arrive? Nervous nobody will like your presents you spent ages agonising over to make sure they were just right? Say goodbye to all that stress as Boxing Day is a worry free zone. All that pressure you felt yesterday, yup that's finally dead and buried. Phew.

5. No pretending.

Have you been practicing your 'gift face'? Y'know the one you do when you open a present and you hate it on the inside, but look like you love it on the outside? Boxing Day there's no pretending. With no more presents left to open, you can sit back, relax and who knows, if you're feeling brave enough, you could even joke to Aunty Sally that at 25 you may just be pushing past it when it comes to that One Direction cd.

6. No church. Or visiting people.

No singing your heart out at the Christmas Carol service. No setting your alarms for Midnight Mass or heading off to church first thing on Christmas day morning and counting down the minutes until you were back at home and opening your presents. With the services all done and dusted, you can lie in like no one's business and revel in the fact that you don't have to move all day. That's the stuff of dreams, right?

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7. No hangover.

Well, this one does depend on how much you drink on Christmas Day, but those Christmas Eve nights can be a killer the next day. Feeling festive, it's more than likely you treat yourself to one too many and no-one can resist screaming The Pogues or Mariah Carey as midnight approaches and the Christmas tunes are in full swing. The morning after your head is pounding, you spend half the time in the bathroom asking yourself why that extra shot was even needed and your voice is so husky you can barely speak. Boxing Day, though, you're fresh as a daisy. Winning.

8. Bargains.

What makes Christmas that little bit better? Why finding all the bargains in the Boxing Day sale, of course. There's nothing wrong with topping up your pile of presents with a few well deserved and oh-so-cheap extras and if you're really savvy you'll start shopping for next year's presents and decorations while the prices are slashed and much more appealing to your bank accounts. Crazy? A little, but nothing beats coming home, diving on the sofa surrounded by bags of sale steals, helping yourself to a glass of bubbles and wearing the biggest smug look on your face. Jealous? We bet you are.

9. Sleep.

Snoozing is tradition on Boxing Day. Not only do you get to sleep in on the 26th, but you get to nap as much as you like throughout the day. All that eating and drinking can be tough work, taking a snooze while watching a festive film is just *the* best thing ever.

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10. Re-matches.

Things get a little heated during that round of Articulate yesterday? Feel like you were cheated out of another Pictionary win? It's time to get your own back as Boxing Day is all about the re-matches and this time, we're bringing our A game. Try and beat us if you dare.

11. It's basically Christmas Day repeated.

Eat. Sleep. Drink. Repeat.

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