18 things you got excited about at Christmas when you were younger

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There's nothing more excitable than being a kid at Christmas, but there were certain things that had us pining for the festive season to come back around each year.

Like these 18 for instance. Every one made Christmas more and more magical from picking out the Christmas tree, to writing your Christmas list and getting your hands on a selection box - and we have to admit, most of them still have us feeling all fuzzy inside even now.

Maybe just add a few glasses of champers or two...

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1. Picking out the Christmas tree.

Getting your Christmas tree was the tell-tale sign the festive season had officially arrived. After all, a tree isn't nothing without a shed load of presents stocked underneath it, right?

Picking one out was a crucial job. "Yes mum, we have to get the biggest one there is." "And no mum, we don't care how much it is."

You needed a corker that would last all the way through until January and it had to be big enough and bushy enough to make any one who stops by jealous. A perfect fit? Check. Tonnes of tinsel? Check. Thousands of fairy lights? Check. A mass of uncordinated baubles? Check, check, check.

2. Decorating the Christmas tree.

Yes, we still love doing this, but as we've got older the whole decorating the Christmas tree task has matured. God forbid someone steps out of your colour scheme and as for those mismatched angel decorations and knitted rudolphs, they don't get a look in. Handmade decorations? Please. Don't toy with a girl's emotions.

Back in the day, though, we weren't so prim and proper and the more you had on the tree, the better it was. We didn't isolate and any decoration we got our hands on would have a place on the tree. It kind of worked, right?

Looking back now, our five-year-old works of art were kind of a masterpiece. When did being an adult at Christmas get so boring?

3. Making your Christmas list.

Only *the* best activity of the Christmas countdown. Who remembers flicking through the Argos catalogue and picking out everything you ever wanted?

Pen and paper at the ready, you'd jot down the name, the price, the item number... there's no way your parents could have got it wrong. We made their job easier, so kind.

4. Writing your letter to Santa.

If your parents didn't have an Argos catalogue, then Santa definitely did. After all, he is the top dog when it comes to present giving. You'd spend hours planning out your Christmas list and writing it up for Santa in your neatest handwriting possible. Heck, you'd even throw in a few colours just to make it that little bit more special. Any extra brownie points were always a winner.

Writing out his address on the envelope and sealing it with a stamp, you'd feel so chuffed with yourself for sending it off and all the way to the North Pole. Go you.

5. Writing your Christmas cards.

Every year you'd spend hours and hours writing out your Christmas cards to give out to your pals. And we'd be lying if we said there was never any competition to get the most. If you were rocking a pile bigger than the person sat next to you in class, you'd be sitting there all smugly thinking, 'I'm so popular, and what?' But, if someone left you off their Christmas list, you'd always hold a grudge. They'd definitely be scratched off your list next year, we don't forget.

6. Buying your Christmas presents.

That's what the school Christmas fair was for! Who remembers rocking up to school with a purse full off coppers and 20ps and your game face on? It didn't matter that the stalls were filled with those odd bits that people no longer wanted, you're mum always wanted those hotel freebie soaps you managed to steal for a whopping 10p. Decorating biscuits? Perfect, one for all the family. The thought still counts if only two made it home, though, right?

7. Making your Christmas cup.

A bit like an Easter bonnet, but with a festive feel. Did you ever have to turn up to school with a Christmas-themed cup? Every year you'd have to decorate a plastic cup and fill it with goodies to sell at the Christmas fair. Although, let's be honest, nobody stuck to the cup rules. Instead of a cup, they became huge models of Santa's sleigh or teddy-sized versions of a snowman made out of cotton wool. You relied on your mum to dig out all her creativity... why did they never understand it always had to be bigger and better than the year before? 'No mum, I can't just draw on the cup.' Oh, the shame.

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8. Advent Calendars.

Need we say more. If you needed a reason other than getting presents on why Christmas was the best time of the year, what other time can you get away with eating chocolate... EVERY DAY?! We couldn't wait for that little bit of chocolately goodness in the morning and how good was it when you realised you had forgotten to open a door? Two chocolates instead of one? Dreamy.

9. Christmas chocolate in general.

Boxes of celebrations. Lindor if you're feeling fancy. Tins of Roses and Quality Street. And selection packs. Christmas chocolate was just the bomb. Sharing just wasn't a thing.

10. Christmas films.

Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone, A Christmas Carol, Elf... You name it, we watched it. Nothing gets you feeling all warm inside like a Christmas flick and even now we've still got a soft spot for Buddy the Elf.

"SANTA'S COMING!" Oh yeah he is!

11. Christmas songs.

These, they just never get old.

12. The Christmas nativity play.

Remember your nativity? Remember keeping everything crossed that you'd get to play Mary and being oh-so-jealous of the girl who got it, instead? We would have been so much better. Still a narrator's role is just way more important, right? The others may have to act, but you actually get to read. Out loud. In front of a hall filled with people. So much more responsibility. #justsaying

13. Christmas lights.

Christmas lights just make everything look so much better, don't they? Every house twinkling away was so magical, back then. You could name your favourite house on every road and begged your dad to make your house look exactly like it. Do you remember trekking up to London to check out the lights in town? You couldn't get any better, now we walk past without even so much of a blink?

14. Looking for Santa out of the window.

Whether you were driving home on Christmas Eve or just couldn't sleep, looking out the window was always you're go-to. Is he here yet? Can you see him? Trying to catch a glimpse of Santa and his sleigh could keep us awake all night and sometimes we were so convinced we'd seen him - even if it probably was just a star or an aeroplane. Didn't stop us bragging to our pals, though, did it? Did you see Santa? Yeah, sure I did, how did you miss him?

15. Visiting Santa's grotto.

You had to look for Santa out the window because y'know you had met him and he'd said he'd give you a wave. Christmas was never Christmas without a trip to the big man himself. Whether it be your local garden centre or Harrod's, wherever you went to meet him, you made sure you had recited your list and dressed your best. There was no way you were getting put on the naughty list and there always was the possibility of getting an extra present on the day. Win, win.

16. The Christmas holidays.

Finishing school for Christmas was just the best. No more tests, no more lessons, no more homework and on the last day you'd get to eat chocolate, watch films and play games. Follow that with two weeks off to do nothing, put all your new toys to the test and catch up on all those lie ins, you had yourself a dream combination.

17. Christmas day.

It didn't disappoint. From waking up with a present already waiting on your bed to walking downstairs and seeing a pile of more gifts and a stocking filled to the brim waiting for you, you already knew it was going to be a good day. Christmas dinner was always one to look forward to and it was always hilarious when the adults would fall asleep watching Christmas TV. You and your cousins would cause havoc running around the house and you'd feel like a total champ when you won the annual family game marathon.

18. Boxing day.

Waking up and wishing you could do it all over again. 364 days to go.

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