Wednesday's TV pick: Peep Show

Published Wednesday, Nov 11 2015, 10:39 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
The El Dude Brothers are back in the latest series of Peep Show, but are Mark and Jeremy friends again?

The last time we saw them they'd just been mildly electrocuted in a field having been abandoned by Dobby. Time has passed now and Jez has some new living quarters that aren't all that roomy, while Mark has a new flatmate and has landed a bank job.

Peep Show, Mark and Jeremy, Wed 11 Nov

© Channel 4

Old wounds haven't healed and neither thinks the time is right to apologise, but they're forced to put their differences aside to support a newly clean and healthy Super Hans.

It's not long before Jeremy goes to Mark with his cap in hand asking for a loan. But will Mark just see this as his chance to get revenge?

Peep Show, Channel 4, 10pm

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