Sunday's TV pick: Downton Abbey

Published Sunday, Nov 8 2015, 01:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
It's the last episode of the last ever series of Downton Abbey. How will the era end?

We've got the Christmas special to look forward too still, but this is the end for now, and after Lady Mary dumped Henry Talbot last week, will Branson get her to change her mind and decide Talbot's the one for her?

Downton Abbey, Mary and Branson, Sun 8 Nov


Meanwhile, Edith is getting even more cosy with Bertie Pelham after his proposal, but with her holding back her secret about love-child Marigold, is it going to be a happy ever after for her?

Downstairs, Thomas might have turned our opinions round and made us root for him, but as he considers desperate measures, will he get the ending he's after?

Downton Abbey, ITV, 9pm

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