Reveal does... a pastry masterclass

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After last night's Great British Bake Off final and inspired by the show's tasty creations, Reveal rolled its sleeves up and got ready to roll…

Pastry week saw Nadiya, Tamal and co come up with some show-stopping short crust creations, and Alvin come a cropper, no thanks to his lacklustre vol-a-vents.

To join in the GBBO spirit, we donned our aprons and had a pastry making master class with Jus Rol, the ready made pastry specialists, who taught us the tricks of the (pie) trade…

Under the watchful eye of Michelin starred chef Mark Dodson and Sally Abe at London's L'atelier Des Chefs cookery school , Reveal took on the Bake Off worthy task of producing a show-stopping pithivier.

A what now? A pithivier – a chicken, butternut squash and sage one, in fact.

Pithivier pie

© Jus Rol

Chicken, Squash and Sage Pithivier

It's a puff pastry pie originating from a village in France where the buttery layered type of pastry (728 layers to be exact!) was first invented – hence the name.

Check out the handy, cut-out-and-keep recipe card below or here – and pictures of our attempt – below!

making pie

© Emma Hunt

Mary Berry, eat your heart out!

Mark and Sally were full of top tips when it came to cooking with pastry. We've compiled their pastry pointers below. Ready, set... bake!

  • To avoid the dreaded 'soggy bottom', and burnt crust, put tin foil on the top of your pie to stop it burning if it still needs a bit longer in the oven.

  • Remember to push the air out when crimping your pastry lid, to avoid it bursting open.

  • Making pastry pies with a chef

    © Jus Rol

    Making Pithivier under Sally Abe's watchful eye

    • When using an egg wash glaze, let it set in the fridge first.

    • Make sure to rest your pastry. The gluten in it tenses after being touched so needs time to relax.

    baking pies

    © Emma Hunt

    Reveal's attempt - not too shabby, eh?

    • Pre-heat the oven otherwise the butter in the puff pastry melts. Or cheat with a pre-heated tray.

    • A tiny steam hole is fine – there's no need for an old fashioned steam funnel!

    • Use non 'wet' veggies as a pie filling – root veg works particularly well but avoid courgette and tomato as the water content is too high and will cause soggy pastry.

    making pies

    © Jus Rol

    Egg washing the pithivier

    • A good knife is essential to any budding chef. A serrated knife can be used to trim the excess around pastry cases.

    • Remember to leave an excess of pastry though – as it will shrink in the oven!

    • When rolling pastry, try to keep the shape to avoid wastage. Although left overs can be frozen or indeed used to make tasty cheese straws, palmiers or arlettes – or used to decorate the top of your pie.

    Thanks to Jus Rol
    recipe card for chicken squash and sage pithivier pie

    © Jus Rol

    The mouth watering recipe!

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