EastEnders, Corrie, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks: Monday's soap highlights

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EastEnders, Corrie, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks: we take a look at tonight's top soap stories…

EastEnders, BBC1, 8pm

Shabnam and Kush are heartbroken as they come to terms with the death of their baby. They leave for the hospital, but Kush is struggling and turns to Masood for comfort.

After some words of support from his father-in-law-to-be, Kush goes back to the delivery suite and is by Shabnam's side as she gives birth to their son.

EastEnders, Shabnam gives birth to her dead baby, Mon 31 Aug


A strong Shabs says goodbye to him, but Kush struggles and leaves the room again. Can they ever get over this?

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm & 8.30pm

Aidan drags Carla to Maddie's memorial auction at the Bistro, but weighed down by guilt over Maddie's death, a drunk Carla ends up bidding £250 for a photo of Lorraine Kelly.

Corrie, Carla drunk and Tracy guilty, Mon 31 Aug


Tracy also attends under sufferance, but Carla's presence only adds to her guilt. When Carla drunkenly crashes into a table and sends drinks flying, Tracy begs her to stop torturing herself.

Robert has clocked how much Carla's behaviour has affected Tracy and as Aidan and Nick take Carla home, Robert confronts his girlfriend and demands answers. He tells her if she can't be truthful, they have no future. Will Tracy finally confess?

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Aaron is feeling guilty with Andy still so cut up over Katie, and is hurt when Andy makes it clear he'll never forgive Aaron for not telling the truth about his affair with Robert.

Emmerdale, Aaron guilty over Andy's grief, Mon 31 Aug


Andy continues to make Aaron feel bad by insisting if he had told everyone, Katie would still be alive and Aaron is shocked by how close Andy is to finding out what actually happened…

Hollyoaks, C4, 6.30pm

Harry is angry with Ste after yesterday's kiss, and tells Mr Hay he has to be honest with Sinead about being gay. So Ste seeks out Sinead – and proposes!

Hollyoaks, Ste proposes to Sinead, Mon 31 Aug

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When Harry finds out Ste's gone and got engaged, he doesn't react well (neither does anyone else!) and confronts Ste at the school. It's not long before the pair are locked in a passionate embrace. But as they're getting steamy, they have no idea Sinead's on her way – will she catch them out?

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