Mummy blog: Baby shoes and THAT photo of Sam Faiers and niece Nelly

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Before I had my daughter Molly, I was always partial to a spot of shopping. What girl isn't?

However, now I don't give a hoot about myself. Charging through the aisles of H&M last week, I didn't even notice the women's sale rail, which is just not like me.

I was headed for one place - the baby wear department. And I probably mowed down a few innocent shoppers on my way #oops.

Bluezoo bunting shoes, Debenhams, 16 July 2015

Along with a fabulous array of threads, my daughter is fast becoming Imelda Marcos and has about 12 pairs of shoes in her wardrobe already. She's three months old.

The beauty of shopping for a little one though is that there is no VAT on children's clothes - woo hoo! This week I picked up an amazing pair of Bluezoo bunting trainers in the Debenhams sale and they were just £3.50. That's the price of a grande frappe from Starbucks! They don't quite fit yet, but that's not the point.

One person, however, doesn't seem to have got the 'no VAT' memo.

Sam Faiers celebrates Nelly Shepherd's first birthday
9 July

© Instagram / @samanthafaiers1

To mark niece Nelly's first birthday last week, former TOWIE star Sam Faiers Instagrammed a picture of herself and the tot...and it seems they forgot to put clothes on that day.

I'm sure it was a lovely moment, but I think I'd be a bit weirded out if my sister posed for a naked selfie with Molly. It would be even weirder if I did it with one of her four children, especially her eldest. He's 21 and has a beard.

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Last week I asked whether you would mind being called a MILF. It appears most of you would take it as a compliment, 51 per cent in fact! 27 per cent of you said you would be offended while 22 per cent were undecided. Perhaps I should learn to embrace the term!

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