Babyborn, Furby, Tamagotchi: Do you remember... these '90s kids' toys?

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Toys every 90s kid will remember

90s kids lived the absolute dream. Not only did every girl rock some seriously cool styles, there were also amazing toys and gadgets that totally deserved our undivided attention.

How many of these childhood toys do you remember?


Look at all the accessories! Babyborn put all other dolls to shame.

Babyborn, Childhood toys from the 90s

© Babyborn

Mr Frosty

Let's be honest, the icy slush this machine created wasn't exactly a taste explosion, but that didn't stop you churning out 'treats' for everybody.

Mr Frosty, Childhood toys from the 90s

© Amazon


Furbys were a barrel of laughs until the noise drove everyone insane and you had to shove your prized possession in a cupboard underneath a pile of blankets.

Furby, 90's toys

© Pinterest

Fisher Price Roller-skates

These were the only reason Jelly shoes ever left your feet.

Fisherprice skates, Childhood toys from the 90s

© Ebay

Stick On Earrings

These cushiony gems fell off every. single. time. but they made you look totally glamorous and grown up.

Stick on earrings, Childhood toys from the 90s

© Ebay

Thunderbirds Tracy Island

The secret compartments just didn't get old. 3-2-1 Thunderbirds are GO.

Thunderbirds Tracy Island, Childhood toys from the 90s

© Amazon


Tamagotchis were a total craze. The virtual pets consumed every waking moment and needed far more attention than an actual pet. It was all worth it though, because if you looked after them well, your onscreen blob would evolve into, er, a bigger onscreen blob.

Tamagotchi, 90's toys

© Wikipedia

Echo Mic

This was the start of every 90s kids path to X Factor stardom, but was mainly used for shouting very loudly.

Echo mic, Childhood toys from the 90s

© Amazon

Gameboy Colour

This was the future, a COLOURED Gameboy. Pokemon games were taken to a whole new level with one of these bad boys.

GameBoy Color, Childhood toys from the 90s

© Wikipedia

Polly Pocket

Ok, so you lost Polly after five minutes, but the cases were fab all by themselves.

Pollypocket, Childhood toys from the 90s

© Pinterest

Pound Puppies

These tiny toy dogs were super cute and proved to your parents you could be totally responsible for animals.

Pound puppies, 90's toys

© Pinterest

Tekno Robotic Dog

A dog and a robot. You literally hit the jackpot with this toy.

Tekno Robotic Dog, Childhood toys from the 90s

© Pinterest

Troll Dolls

If you were really flash, your Troll had a gem for a bellybutton. Fancy.

Troll dolls, Childhood toys from the 90s

© Amazon

Love2Love Bears

Love 2 Love Bears, 90's toys

© Amazon

Betty Spaghetty

Until your own hair grew this long, and it definitely would, Betty Spaghetty dolls were the best way to try out all those hairstyles.

Betty Spaghetty, 90's toys

© Amazon

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