E!'s Hollywood Cycle brings the competitive glamour of indoor cycling to life

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It may seem an unlikely premise for a reality show but E!'s brand new series Hollywood Cycle is shaping up to be a must-watch programme this summer.

The show will take viewers behind the scenes of LA's Cycle House studio and inside the world of indoor cycling, where we'll meet both the riders and the trainers and delve into their lives.

Hollywood Cycle, new E! show starting July 2015

© E!

We'll meet trainers Nichelle, Aaron and Nick.

E! is promising a "sexy, cutthroat series" filled with "high drama" and individuals who have "complicated personal lives that blue the lines between professional and private" all with a big dollop of glamour… sounds intriguing, right!?

Instructors Nichelle Hines, Aaron Hines and UK-born Nick Hounslow are described as having "ride or die mentality" and we'll watch them train new recruits while whipping classes into shape. We'll also meet Cycle House owners Adam and Lara Gillman.

Hollywood Cycle, new E! show starting July 2015

© E!

The show starts in July.

Here's a teaser of what to expect from the main cast!

She's the Chief Riding Officer and Lead Instructor at the studios and apparently has an "intense, unapologetic and direct" manner which results in her always getting her own way.

Nichelle's brother is the Director of Training/Instructor and a bit of a ladies' man it would seem as E! tells us he "gets away with murder when it comes to mixing work and play."

The Apparel Director/Instructor is the heart of the cycle family, the glue that holds them all together. But does sorting everyone else out mean he's putting himself last?

Chad Tepper / Shannon Decker / Sarafina Mundo:
These trainee instructors are hoping to learn from the best but all have different attitudes. Chad is a clown who can get himself into trouble easily, while Shannon is competitive and Sarafina is passionate and outspoken.

Adam and Lara:
The owners of the business have to juggle the opinions of their instructors which don't also match their own and make sure whatever happens, Cycle House comes out on top.

Hollywood Cycle begins Sunday, 12 July at 7pm on E!

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