Wednesday's TV pick: The Interceptor

Published Wednesday, Jun 10 2015, 01:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Brand new police drama The Interceptor begins with a bang tonight when a botched operation leads two newcomers to an undercover law enforcement team.

The UNIT's unswerving mission is to get the criminals at the top of the chain and new boys Ash and his best mate Tommy want a piece of that action.

The Interceptor, Wed 11 Jun


Unfortunately for Ash, his wife, Lorna, doesn't like the dangerous side of life and would rather he just stayed at home and worked as a quiet local copper. Not being honest about his new role, Ash throws himself headlong into the job – and soon his uncompromising approach pays off.

But will it affect his family life? Can he keep work and home separate and still get the bad guys?

The Interceptor, BBC1, 9pm

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