Wednesday's TV pick: The Island With Bear Grylls

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The Island With Bear Grylls, Wed 8 Apr

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The Island With Bear Grylls returns for a second series and this time the challenge attempts to discover whether men and women have what it takes to survive.

To see how both sexes fair, 14 British men are abandoned on one remote island in the Pacific Ocean, and 14 British women are left on another, separate one. They are completely alone filming everything for themselves with only a handful of basic tools and the clothes they stand up in.

Tonight, we get the first episode of the men's island, with the women's first day in tomorrow night's show. It's harder and longer than ever before and it's a life or death struggle from the very start.

When the fierce currents of the Pacific force Bear to drop them 75 metres from the island, the men have no choice, but to jump ship and swim through the violent swells. Can they find a safe place to spend their first night away from deadly scorpions, snakes and caiman crocodile, while escaping vicious tropical storms?

The Island With Bear Grylls, C4, 9pm

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