Updated: Bobby Beale is the REAL killer of EastEnders' Lucy Beale!

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EastEnders' Bobby Beale has tonight been unmasked as the REAL killer of Lucy Beale.

EastEnders fans have been on the edge of their seats as the Lucy murder storyline twisted and turned from one minute to the next in two special episodes.

EastEnders character picture - Lucy Beale played by Hetti Bywater.

© BBC/Nicky Johnston

However, an hour after Ian Beale accused his ex/ new wife Jane of killing his daughter, 11-year-old Bobby was shown as the real murderer.

In the second episode of the evening, which retraced Lucy's steps on that fateful night, Jane was seen rushing to the Beales' house to find her step-daughter dead on the floor. Bobby then appeared, saying: "Whatever she says, she started it, she made everyone unhappy!"

Earlier, Bobby had caught Lucy rowing with Denise Fox in his dad's bedroom.

Well, they certainly kept us all captivated!

Prior to Bobby being shown as Lucy's killer, fans had seen Ian accusing Jane of the deed in the earlier episode.

After returning home on their wedding day, he confronted Jane, demanding that she told him what happened "that night".

Jane, meanwhile, didn't utter a word. Well, it now appears as though she has been covering for her step-son!

The 'Who Killed Lucy?' storyline has kept the nation gripped for almost a year and there has been a staggering 14 suspects in the frame.

Earlier today, there was a flurry of last minute bets that Bobby was in fact responsible.

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