Wednesday's TV pick: Wolf Hall

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Drama Wolf Hall continues tonight and the Act Of Supremacy has been passed declaring Henry Supreme Head Of The Church in England.

The Holy Roman Emperor and his ambassador have refused to recognise his title or his marriage to Anne Boleyn though, which is causing no end of problems.

Wolf Hall, Henry, Wed 18 Feb


Cromwell visits Katherine and sees she's growing frail and tired, longing to see her daughter, Mary. He tries to persuade the king to allow the Emperor's ambassador to visit his ex-wife, but Henry refuses.

Meanwhile, Henry's head is turned by Jane Seymour. With his wife away from court with her second pregnancy, he doesn't know if she'll have a son, but she's certain she'll deliver a boy. But when she miscarries, her future with the king is looking bleak – he wants a new wife, and as ever, Cromwell is tasked with delivering the news to Anne.

Wolf Hall, BBC2, 9pm

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