Monday's TV pick: 10,000 BC

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10,000 BC, C5, Mon 2 Feb

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What was it like living in the Stone Age? Twenty modern-day Brits are taking part in 10,000 BC, leaving the 21st century to go back in time and see if they can survive two months in the middle of nowhere hunting and foraging for food.

Hunger, sickness and extreme weather are just some of the problems the group must face when they're dropped into forested wilderness in a remote area of Bulgaria.

Swapping their smart phones for animal skins, they find their new camp is basic – equipped with primitive tools, rations and a pile of flint. They're helped out at first when they're given a freshly killed deer, but vegetarian Josie doesn't cope well with that.

They've got only hours to go before nightfall, and it looks like they're in for a cold, hungry night.

10,000 BC, Channel 5, 10pm

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