Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle flirts and Charlotte Crosby sees red!

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Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby may seem loved-up with co-star Gary Beadle, but she isn't left too impressed when he starts flirting with another girl.

Last week, viewers watched as Charlotte and Gary finally went on their first date. And, after Gaz told his housemate he wouldn't pull anyone but her, it seemed their Geordie Shore love affair could well and truly be back on.

Or not? If this week's episode is anything to go by...

Geordie Shore, Gary Beadle flirts with another girl, Episode 6, MTV
2 December


After Charlotte announced she and her boyfriend Mitch had split, it wasn't long before she had set her sights on Gary.

Following a drunken night out, Char and Gaz finally kissed and the Geordie lothario said he actually liked kissing his pal again - before promising Charlotte he wouldn't look elsewhere.

But, this week the gang head to Gloucestershire to host a hoe down, and it seems Gary is up to his old tricks.

Cracking on with one of the young farmers, Marnie Simpson overhears Gary telling the girl she is the "best-looking girl" in the room as he invites her back to the group's lock in.

And, as ever, it isn't long before Charlotte finds out.

Left unimpressed with Gary's latest antics, we can only imagine what Char is going to say about it...

Geordie Shore, Vicky Pattison feels left out, Episode 6, MTV
2 December


Geordie Shore, Vicky Pattison is left out, Episode 6, MTV
2 December


Meanwhile, Vicky Pattison is left upset after feeling left out from the group.

As everyone is beginning to hook up with each other - Charlotte and Gary, Marnie and Aaron Chalmers and Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie - Vicky feels like she and the girls are hardly spending any time together.

After the girls ditch her yet again for 'the boyfriend club', it all gets a little too much for Vicks.

Breaking down to Aaron, Vicky tells her co-star she is fed up with sitting on her own during nights out. Missing her own boyfriend, Vicky has enough and heads home.

But, will the girls realise she has gone?

Geordie Shore continues tomorrow night (2 December) at 10pm on MTV.

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