Corrie's Jack P Shepherd: "I haven't had presents since I was four"

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Corrie's David Platt should enjoy double celebrations over Christmas, seeing as December 25 also marks the hairdresser's birthday, but it seems he's due for a miserable time yet again!

Actor Jack P Shepherd reveals that he and wife Kylie (Paula Lane) won't have a happy ending to their year as they struggle with the return of Kylie's ex Callum Logan (Sean Ward).

Jack P. Shepherd at the Coronation Street Christmas party 2013

© WENN / Steve Searle

Jack P Shepherd loves filming Corrie's Christmas scenes

"[David's] going to be having a very miserable Christmas," Jack says. "There's lots of drama, agony and emotional scenes for David."

Fortunately Jack has a far happier time filming the festive episodes, which he says he is delighted to always appear in.

"I've been really lucky that I always tend to be in the Christmas episodes because David's birthday falls over Christmas," Jack says. "My favourite Christmas memory has to be when he found out that Gail had wanted to abort him and he revealed that to everyone on Christmas Day. That was good to play."

Jack's own perfect Yuletide certainly doesn't feature epic family feuds and dramatic revelations! He says that he much prefers a warm and relaxed day with family.

"You've got to have snow, as long as you're inside and warm," he says. "You've also got to have some mulled wine, bucks fizz for in the morning, a few rubbish board games that you all play, building toys, an open fire, falling asleep on the sofa and a nice glass of port in the evening."

Jack also reveals that presents have never been an important element of his Christmas celebrations - in fact, his family did not partake in the tradition for much of his life.

"We stopped getting Christmas presents in my house when I was 4," he explains. "My mum and dad just decided enough was enough and the amount of presents was ridiculous. So the last year we got presents is one of my favourite Christmas memories.

"My older sister opened all my presents, every single one of them. Then after she'd finished she said 'you've got no more presents, now I'm going to open mine', then she opened all hers and I just sat there.

"Looking back that just makes me laugh."

With such a shocking incident behind him, perhaps it's best that Jack doesn't do presents anymore!

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