Geordie Shore is back for series nine and Vicky Pattison is in charge!

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Geordie Shore is back for series nine and promising more booze and banter, there's a new twist in store for the housemates... Vicky Pattison is now in charge!

Last series there was carnage as the housemates came to blows, but ensuring things run a little more smoothly this time round, Queen Vicky will be ruling the roost...

But what will her fellow co-stars make of their new boss?

Vicky Pattison, Geordie Shore Series 9: Episode 1
28 October


Following the success of the group's single nights, 'Tash On Tours', Vicky has found herself with a promotion.

Summoned to meet the house boss Anna for lunch, poor 'ol Vicks thinks she is in for a right talking to and begins to panic as she waits for Anna to arrive.

But bearing good news, not bad, Anna tells Vicky she wants her to be her second in command and promotes her to 'Team Leader' of the group.

Heading back into the house, Anna soon tells the rest of the housemates that Vicky is now in charge. And, with great power comes great responsibility, as Vicky will be deciding who will be working and when they'll be working.

Now that is not going to go down too well!

Scott Timlin and Marnie Simpson, Geordie Shore Series 9: Episode 1
28 October


Meanwhile, Marnie Simpson is keen to pick up where she left off with Aaron Chalmers.

Last series, Marnie ditched Gary Beadle for his best pal Aaron and, eager to continue their romance now they're back in the house, Marnie is quick to let Aaron know she still likes him.

But when Aaron decides to try his luck with other girls in front of Marnie, she is not happy. Accusing him of playing games, Marnie lays down some ground rules with the tattooed charmer, but little does she know he has already been up to his old tricks...

More than happy to fill Marnie in on his antics after having a run-in with Aaron himself, Scott Timlin decides to let slip that Aaron hasn't been completely honest with his new squeeze.

Marnie then confronts Aaron and, surprise surprise, it's not long before he and Scott are at loggerheads.

Oh, it's good to be back!

Catch the first episode of Geordie Shore tomorrow (28 October) at 10pm on MTV.

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