Geordie Shore preview: Marnie wants Aaron & drops a bombshell about Gaz

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Marnie Simpson will stop at nothing to tash on with Aaron Chalmers and going to extremes Marnie dishes the dirt on her former flame, Gaz Beadle in tonight's episode of Geordie Shore.

Last week, the Geordies headed to Iceland and, fed up with being messed around by Gaz, Marnie set her sights on his best pal Aaron. Not wanting to upset his friend, Aaron was adamant nothing could happen between him and Marnie - no matter how much he fancied her!

But as Marnie reveals, Gary doesn't practice what he preaches. Will Aaron change his mind?

Geordie Shore, Marnie Simpson and Aaron Chalmers nearly kiss, MTV
2 September


As the Geordie fun continues overseas in Reykjavik this week, Aaron is sticking by his guns and the 'lad code', still insisting he won't neck on with Marnie.

Frustrated Aaron won't kiss her, Marnie even takes to grabbing the poor boy's face, but still to no avail she decides to take drastic measures.

According to Gary, your friend shouldn't go there with a girl you have already necked on with, but speaking to Vicky Pattison, Marnie reveals Gaz tried it on with her just 24 hours after she had ended things with his 'so-called' best friend in the house, Scott Timlin.

Geordie Shore, Marnie Simpson tells Vicky Pattison that Gaz Beadle has broken own lad code, MTV
2 September


Accusing Gary of breaking his own lad code, Marnie hopes Aaron is now free to do what he wants, but what will Scotty T make of her revelation when he finds out?

Oh Gary... You're in trouble!

Geordie Shore, Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie kiss, MTV
2 September


Meanwhile, after getting together back in the Toon, Holly Hagan continues to struggle with her feelings for Kyle Christie.

Insisting she wouldn't be bothered if Kyle was to pull other girls in front of her, when the newbie did just that, Holly wasn't too happy.

But as Kyle starts to show his interest again, will Holly let him have his way?

Geordie Shore, Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby plan, MTV
2 September


Worried that Holly will fall for new boy Kyle, Vicky and Charlotte Crosby hope their friend won't have her heart broken like she had before with fellow housemate, James Tindale.

Devising a plan just in case their fling doesn't work out, the girls insist they will kick Kyle in the face if he does end up messing Hols around...

And if he does, we would not want to be in Kyle's shoes...

Catch the next episode of Geordie Shore tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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