Dr Phil Hammond: Are energy drinks the best way to keep awake?

Published Sunday, Aug 3 2014, 13:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
For some people, a can of Red Bull is their go-to tipple for a quick boost of energy.

Despite their popularity, there are often reports asking just how beneficial having an energy drink can be. And there was the recent teen - Josh Shurry - who even got into debt over his addiction to Lucozade!

While sipping one will give you a buzz at first, it's very likely you'll find yourself yawning a few hours later. Reveal's Dr Phil Hammond explains why…

"High-energy drinks give you a quick hit of sugar and caffeine that can get you through the next few hours, but they're no substitute for sleep deprivation or dealing with stress.

If you're feeling very tired, then your body is telling you something. It's important to build regular relaxation into your day, particularly before you try to go to sleep.

Oversleeping is not good for you, and you shouldn't need more than eight hours, although some of us get a lot less.

If you're cheating on sleep, your body will let you know no matter how many energy drinks you swallow."

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