Ex On The Beach will be back in 2015 with a brand spanking new series!

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MTV has confirmed Ex On The Beach will return to our screens next year with a brand new series!

Good news people! The world's most awkward TV show is back as production gets underway for the second series of MTV's smash hit Ex On The Beach.

The most devious dating show around, Ex On The Beach takes a group of singletons away on an exotic holiday in the hope of finding love. But little do the not-so-lucky guys and girls know they are in for a tidal wave.

Ex On The Beach cast series 1, MTV, May


After it's incredibly successful debut in May, Ex On The Beach is back next year with a brand new series.

Forget sun, sea and cocktails, this holiday is more set for tears, tantrums and drama as the singletons come face to face with their exes when their blasts from the past wash up on the beach!

Last series had us hooked as viewers saw the arrival of exes tear up the villa each week. Headlining the carnage between the couples, Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio finally came to blows when reunited after their bitter split.

Fiery couple, Vicky and Ricci had us on the edge of their seats with their final showdown, where Vicky revealed ex-fiancé Ricci had sold a story on her shortly after they broke up.

Ex On The Beach, Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio clash, MTV - 3 June


Last series, exes Vicky and Ricci came to blows reunited on the beach.

And they weren't the only ones who had their fair share of drama.

Exes Ashley Cain and Talitha Minnis were rocked by cheating revelations, Marco Alexandre endured the wrath of his former flame Frankie Thorpe and thanks to Liam Lewis' stirring the pot, the entire group grew partial to a number of cat fights and fistycuffs.

But it wasn't all bad news by the end, Vicky struck up a cute holiday romance with Austalian hottie Dan Conn, Ash and Talitha decided to give their relationship another go and ladies man Ross Worswick got together with Mario Falcone's former flame, Shelby Billingham.

Ex On The Beach still, MTV, June


A few right hooks went flying throughout the series...

Ex On The Beach still, MTV, June


But the group made sure to kiss and make up in the end.

Now one month on from the show wrapping up and where are our Ex On The Beach'ers now?

Ash and Talitha have finally moved in, Marco and Frankie are still on and off, Chloe Goodman has met someone, Emily Gillard has bagged herself a boyfriend and Shelby wants nothing more to do with Ross after he cheated on her with her best friend... Nice.

Vicky and Dan didn't quite work out thanks to being on other sides of the world (both are now loved up with other people), Liam is still happy to be single and Ricci claim his "love life has been pretty much dead"...

But would they do all it all again? 100 percent, so they say.

Whether our Ex On The Beach old timers will be returning this time round or we will be treated to a fresh batch of beach singletons is still not known.

The one thing we can't wait to find out though.... Who's ex is next?!

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