Dr Phil Hammond: Does wearing SPF 50 in the sun make me invincible?

Published Saturday, Aug 2 2014, 11:20 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
With a huge heat wave descending upon Britain and temperatures soaring, it's good to be extra careful in the hot sun.

But when it comes to SPF, the higher it is, the safer you are - right? While some may think that opting for a factor 50 makes you invincible, it's not quite the case. Reveal's Dr Phil explains further…

Woman applying sun cream

© Rex Features / Martin Lee

"You should still restrict your exposure to the sun. Even the best sun cream only blocks out some of the harmful rays.

The trouble is, people believe they can spend all day in the sun if they've got a higher protection factor sunscreen on.

It's safer than no sunscreen, but you should always seek the shade when the sun is strong. If you have to be out in it, don't rely on the sunscreen – get a light short, with a collar and long sleeves, and a wide-brimmed hat.

Some trousers would help, too."

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