Tone your stomach in two weeks with this sequence of exercises

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Get a flatter tummy in just two weeks with these easy exercises.

Do this sequence every day and your stomach will shrink in as little as a fortnight

Reverse curl ab toning exercise

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Reverse curls are a simple way to tone the tummy

Reverse curls
Lie on your back
Lift your legs in the air
Raise your bottom and lower back off the floor
Slowly lower back down as gently as you can
Try not to use your hands on the floor to help you
Don't push into your head

Reps: aim to do 16 in the first week, building up to 30 by week four.

On all fours, pull in your stomach and straighten your spine
As you breathe out, raise your right arm and your left leg to hip height
Reach forward with your arm and back with your leg
Breathe out as you slowly lower your arm and leg at the same time
Repeat on the other side for one round
Try to keep your hips still as you move

Reps: aim for 6 on each side in the first week, building up to 12 by week four.

Lean back and twist, ab toning exercise,

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Lean back and twist to strengthen stomach muscles

Lean back and twist
Sit with your knees bent and your feet on the floor
Take your arms out in front of you and lean back about 10 inches
Twist your arms and your whole torso to the right on the exhale
Breathe in as you sit up straight
Repeat to the other side to complete one round

Reps: aim to do 4 on each side in the first week, building to 10 by week four.

Lie on your back
Breathe out and pull in your abs, as if doing up a really tight pair of trousers
Focus on pulling your stomach in like a corset wrapping around you
Breathe in to release and repeat

Reps: aim to do 20 in the first week, building to 50 by week four.

Bridge exercise, tummy toning

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Keep your ankles directly under your knees in The Bridge

Lie on your back, feet flat on the floor, knees bent directly over your ankles
Pushing into your feet, slowly lift your hips up
Pull in your abs as you lift and hold for one breath
Slowly lower back down, vertebra by vertebra

Reps: aim to do 4 in the first week, building to 10 by week four.

If you find the number of reps recommended a struggle, do as many as you can every day and build up gradually as your abs get stronger.

Always remember to warm up first - and here's some warm up exercises to try!

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