Painkillers, how you sit and even your undies could cause cellulite

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Whatever your shape and size, the chances are you have at least a little cellulite somewhere on your bod.

And with bikini season practically on us, now is the time most of us fret about our body dimples the most.

Lotions and potions can help smooth your skin, but fluid retention can have the opposite effect.

Follow these simple tips for an easy way to reduce your dents and dimples…

Don't sit with your legs crossed
It's one of the most common causes of fluid retention, so uncross your legs whenever you catch yourself sitting with them folded. No matter what the position, sitting for long periods can lead to body bloat, so get up and walk about as often as you can.

Woman holding a pill

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By causing fluid retention, your choice of pankiller could affect the appearance of cellulite

Swap your painkillers
Swallowing an aspirin or ibuprofen when you've got a headache could be making your orange peel look worse. That's because these nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, can lead to water retention. Popping a paracetamol might be better if you're worried about your lumps and bumps.

Change your pants
Controls pants are great for streamlining your silhouette, but wear them too often and you could be making your cellulite worse. That's because they put pressure on your body, restricting the flow of fluids. Sport them only when you really feel you need to for smoother looking skin!

Give yourself a leg up
Lying with your legs up against a wall for a few minutes will help to drain away excess fluids from the lower body. You can do it while you're on the sofa watching TV. And if you're wearing loose clothing at the time, you'll get even better results!

Eat plenty of protein
Not getting enough protein in your diet is another way to encourage water retention. Fish, eggs, lean meat, beans, nuts and seeds are all good sources of protein, so make sure you're getting some in your diet every day.

Cut back on salt
A diet high in salt causes the body to cling on to water. That's because it needs the extra fluids to dilute the salt in your system. Most of us get more salt than we need in our diet, so try not to add any extra to food at the table, especially if you eat a lot of processed or ready meals which tend to be loaded with salt.