Easy exercises you can do anywhere

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At work, on the bus, at the checkout, watching TV… You can tone up from top to toe wherever you are and save a fortune on gym membership.

Build these easy exercises into your busy day and you should start to see a difference after a couple of weeks.

They're so quick and easy you can do them at home, in the bus queue or even in the supermarket. Fitness expert Darren Williams of shopping website Promotional Codes reckons you can burn off as many calories in your weekly shop as you would in a gym session by adding in a few extra moves while you go round the aisles.

Aim to start with at least ten repetitions or five on each side where you exercise one side at a time, building up to more reps as you get stronger.

Supermarket arm exercise

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You don't need a gym membership or special equipment to tone up on the go

Arm curls
For toning upper and lower arms
Stand with your feet hip with apart and a slight bend in your knees to maintain the natural curve in your back. With a tin of baked beans in each hand, curl the tins up until your hands are at about the same level as your chin.

Tip: If you don't have any tins nearby, use your handbag and do one arm at a time!

Arm raises
For toning biceps
Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, hold a can or bottle of water in each hand with your arms at your sides. Keeping your arms straight, as you breathe in lift your hands up in front of you as high as they will go. Breathe out as you lower them to the starting position.

Tip: To make the move more challenging, don't allow your hands to lower back to the starting position. Keep them about in an inch in front of you instead.

Arm rolls
For toning arms and shoulders
Stand still your arms stretched out at shoulder height. Keeping your arms out straight, roll them forwards as you breathe out and backwards as you breath in.

Hold weights while you do this exercise to make it higher impact.

Leg raises
For thigh and quad toning
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend one knee to lift your thigh up to hip height in front of you. Hold the position for around five seconds and then slowly bring your leg back down to the starting position and repeat on the other leg.

Tip: Make it more intense by lifting your leg up as high as you can, squeezing your abs as you lift.

Leg lift balance
For toning side abs and strengthening the core
Stand straight with feet hip width apart. Raise one leg about 15cm off the floor. Breathe out as you reach both your arms out in front of you towards the raised leg, then stretch them up to the ceiling as you breath in. Lower the arms and the foot as you breath out. Repeat on the other side.

Tip: If you find you're wobbling too much, keep one hand on a wall for balance.

Side lunges
For toning side abs, thighs, bum and hamstrings
Stand with your feet spread widely apart. Bend your right leg and reach over with your left arm to touch your right knee. Repeat on the other side.

If you find the exercise to easy, try doing it holding a can or bottle of water in each hand.

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