Three-day emergency bikini diet

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Just a few days to go before you hit the beach? Don't panic! Lose at least 3lbs in 3 days with this quick and easy weight loss plan

Dark chocolate squares

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You can have a daily chocolate fix on this fast diet plan

What you do

Forget counting calories. With this diet you just eat when you're hungry. You can even have a daily chocolate fix!

"You can follow this diet for as long as you wish and be confident that you are getting the full package of essential nutrients," says nutritionist Fiona Kirk, who devised the diet plan exclusively for She advises you combine the diet plan with 20-30 minutes of exercise each day to speed up weight loss results.

Every Day

Have a mug of hot water with lemon juice and grated fresh ginger first thing in the morning and before each meal

Eat when you are actually hungry rather than clinging to your usual breakfast, lunch and dinner times

Snack on fresh fruit if you get super-hungry

Have a chocolate fix (35g, minimum 70% cocoa solids) at whatever time of the day you need it

Include vegetables with all meals

Vegetables and salad

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Vegetables and salad

Choose 2 or 3 of the following meals and leave 5 hours between each meal

Eggs: Boil, poach, scramble or make an omelette with 3 eggs and add 2 slices lean ham, tomatoes, mushrooms and/or grated hard cheese.

Salad: Take a ready made salad with lots of green leaves, add tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, cooked beans, lentils, fish, shellfish, poultry, game or tofu. Top with a dollop of hummus or cottage cheese and dress with lemon juice and olive or flaxseed oil.

Warm chicken salad with avocado

© Keny Drew

Made with warm chicken strips and avocado, hearty salads like this are delicious and filling

Soup: Make your own or buy a good quality vegetable soup, add some cold cooked poultry, lean meat, tinned beans or lentils, warm through and top with 1 tablespoon of roasted nuts and seeds or a drizzle of flaxseed oil and munch your way through some extra raw veggies on the side.

Fish: Opt for a fillet of fresh fish and load the plate with a colourful mix of roasted, steamed or stir fried vegetables. Around 150g fish is just about right.

Steak: Lean steak is protein and mineral-rich. Eat a 200g grilled steak with a good-sized salad and you'll keep hunger at bay for hours.

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2 Weeks in the Super Fast Lane by Fiona Kirk has more quick and easy diet recipes

For more meal choices and recipes check out Fiona's new book 2 Weeks in the Super Fast Lane, available in paperback (£5.99) and eBook format (£2.99) through all Amazon sites and Fiona's website


You can drink as much as water, tea and coffee and vegetable juices as you like, but leave out the milk and sugar. It's also important to have liquids between meals, not with meals.

"Washing down every other mouthful and rushing our meals means less chewing and chewing is the first and important part of the digestive process," explains Fiona.

"When we shock the stomach by sending down a mass of under-chewed, overly-wet food it struggles to break everything down. Indigestion, heartburn, belching and bloating can occur, compromising fat loss."

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