Big Brother 2014 housemates: who is Helen Wood?

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If you recognise Helen Wood, there is a good reason why. A few years ago she made headlines as the former escort who slept with Wayne Rooney. The 27-year-old from Bolton says she doesn't regret what happened, but wishes it hadn't been made as public as it was.

Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood

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Here are five facts:

1/ She has a ten-year-old son who is the centre of her life.

2/ Her best personality trait? Making people laugh. "I've always been the class clown, and I think it's important to always have a sense of humour. I'm rarely serious." That being said, she gets stressed out easily and is quick to lose her temper.

3/ She's currently single and says she finds it hard to trust men. "I went from being a f**king horn dog, borderline sex addict to not having sex at all. Let's just say, I've learned a lot about myself from celibacy." When she does meet the right man, he must have good teeth. And she doesn't want to find love in the house, saying she's awkward when it comes to guys and flirting.

4/ Move over Katie Hopkins, Helen is here! She compares herself to Katie and says she has very strong opinions on subjects like abortion: "I'm massively against it."

5/ She wants to win, describing herself as hugely competitive to the extent she sometimes bigs herself up more than she should.

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