Tuesday's TV pick: Secret Life of Babies

Published Tuesday, Jun 3 2014, 00:01 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Babies are so cute and lovely, and they're also very special little things. With the first two years of their life being crucial, Secret Life Of Babies tells us exactly what makes them so amazing.

Narrated by Martin Clunes, the documentary tells us how we move more, grow more, learn more and even fight more than at any other time in our lives as a baby. We have more bones in our body as a baby than an adult, but we don't have kneecaps. And we laugh 300 times a day, but in the first few months can't produce tears when we're upset.

Secret Life Of Babies, Tue 3 Jun


From a baby's first breath, everything changes. Their blood stream re-routes from the placenta to the lungs, closing a hole in the heart that would require surgery in adults. What a miracle.

As well as learning the facts, we'll meet some awe-inspiring little ones including Sam, who was just six-months old when his buggy was blown into a harbour with him inside. He survived underwater for six minutes! What a little star.

Secret Life of Babies, ITV, 9pm

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