Sunday's TV pick: Babylon

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The brains behind the Olympic Opening Ceremony, Danny Boyle, is the director of new comedy drama, Babylon, starring James Nesbitt, Jill Halfpenny and Britt Marling.

London's police force is the oldest in the world, but it's in serious need of a public image overhaul, and Chief Constable Richard Miller has found the woman to do it – step forward Liz Garvey.

Babylon, C4, Sun 9 Feb

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Liz is an American visionary from the world of new media and in an age of social networking, smart phones and an info-hungry public, she's determined transparency and complete honesty are the only way forward.

But with an outbreak of violence erupting across London, the strategy faces its greatest test from the off. What will the cameras capture?

This is a pilot episode, but a six-part series will start shooting in spring.

Babylon, C4, 9pm