CBB's Liz Jones: "Food has always been the enemy"

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Celebrity Big Brother star Liz Jones once described food as "the enemy" while opening up about her battle with anorexia.

Journalist Liz, who currently faces eviction, has written openly about her desperate attempts to stay thin over the years, admitting her struggle began aged just 11.

In a piece penned in 2009, Liz described food as only "fuel", adding that her issues had made her "unloveable".

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Liz Jones

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Writing for MailOnline, Liz said: "Being this way made me not just socially awkward, but unlovable: I've always hated being touched, hugged, naked, half-dressed on holiday, in case I'm found wanting, in case someone felt or saw an extra ounce of flesh."

Liz said her problem with food first reared its head when her mother brought her toast with butter and marmalade in bed aged 11.

"I hid the toast under the bed, to dispose of later, and took the empty plate downstairs. Thus began almost 40 years of extreme abstinence," she explained.

Liz added: "For me, food is just fuel - something I have to shove in my mouth to stay alive. I have never loved it. Food has always been the enemy."

CBB's Jasmine Waltz talks about Liz Jones to Luisa Zissman while Dappy looks on - 9 January 2014

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During her time in the CBB house, Liz's nervous behaviour has been noticed by her fellow contestants.

Last week, American model Jasmine Waltz described Liz as "timid" while secretly chatting to Luisa Zissman over breakfast.

Jasmine said: "She's so timid. When a door shuts, she starts to shake, cry and tremble."

Liz Jones nominates Jasmine Waltz - 13 Jan 2014

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Last night, CBB viewers saw Liz nominate Jasmine because her good looks weren't helping her "self-esteem".

Liz wrote another piece last year about her love for TV cooking show The Great British Bake Off.

She said: "I am starting to realise that my life of abstention from calories is not entirely unrelated to the fact my life is now about loneliness. I am thin, but I am unhappy. I have a stainless steel kitchen island, but it is unscratched. A bit like me: pristine but sterile."

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