Three delicious and super-healthy juice recipes to kick start your diet

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If you're looking to lose some pounds, all we can say is that losing weight has never tasted so good: get fit for summer, treat your body to a vitamin fix and help slim down with these three delish juices.

Trained nutritionist Amanda Cross has devised these super-healthy recipes and claims they will make you feel cleaner and more energised, while eliminating toxins. They are from her new book, The Juice Diet. Here's our three faves.

Time Bomb

Time bomb

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This super green juice contains ingredients that are high in magnesium and vitamin C, both of which are essential nutrients for your body. When you're stressed, levels of these nutrients can decrease, so this is a great way to boost them.

150g (5oz) Spinach
150g (5oz) Broccoli
2 medium tomatoes

1 Wash all three ingredients and blend together.
2 Serve in a tumbler with a stick of celery if liked.

Nutrition information
Makes 200ml (7 fl oz) or 1 small glass
Vitamin C 70mg – Potassium 1,159 mg – Selenium 3.8mcg – Calories 250

Red Rocket

Red rocket

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Blends cabbage, carrot and apple together to detoxify your body and cleanse your stomach and upper colon. Plus it contains vitamin C, which is great for your immune system and skin.

175g (6oz) Carrot
250g (8oz) Apple
125g (4oz) Red Cabbage

1 Juice all the ingredients
2 Serve over ice with a slice of orange.

Nutrition information
Makes 200ml or 1 small glass
Vitamin C 70mg – Potassium 1,159 mg – Selenium 3.8mcg – Calories 250

Tiger Smoothie

Tiger smoothie

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This zesty smoothie contains papaya, a fruit that's rich in enzymes which will help to ease your digestion process. This fruity blend is just 135 calories and incredibly detoxifying for your body.

1 orange
½ lime
1 medium papaya
1 passion fruit

1 Juice the orange and the lime.
2 Cut the papaya in half and deseed Put the flesh in a blender along with passion fruit juice and seeds.
3 Add the juiced orange and lime and a couple of ice cubes.
4 Blend and serve immediately. Alternatively add mango for variation.

Nutrition information
Makes 250ml (8 fl oz) or 1 small glass
Vitamin C 270mg – Magnesium 25 mg – Calories 135

The Juice Diet

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Taken from The Juice Diet by Amanda Cross, published by Hamlyn, £5.99 (

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