Tuesday's TV pick: Hebburn returns for series two

Published Tuesday, Nov 12 2013, 06:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
The Pearson family return for series two of Hebburn, starring Chris Ramsay, as they deal with the aftermath of head of the clan Joe's stroke.

With a baby on the way, Jack and Sarah are desperate to move out of the family home, but finding a place to live and leaving the family in such hard times might be easier said than done.

Hebburn, series 2, BBC2, Tue 12 Nov

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Pauline has had to go back to work as an estate agent to support the family, but she's struggling to make a sale, and granny Dot is determined to find a way out of her retirement home.

With the family in a fix, will a surprise windfall solve all their problems?

Hebburn, BBC2, 10pm

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