Sunday's TV pick: Homeland

Published Sunday, Oct 6 2013, 07:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Claire Danes and Damien Lewis are back for the exciting third season of hit drama Homeland.

It's three months after America's 'Second 9/11' and alleged Langley bomber Nick Brody remains at large.

Homeland, Claire Danes as Carrie, Sun 6 Oct

© Channel 4 / Showtime

Homeland, Damien Lewis as Nick Brody, Sun 6 Oct

© Channel 4 / Showtime

Saul is planning a risky counter-strike on the terrorists connected to the bombing, but with Carrie becoming the focus of a hostile Senate investigation, Saul's efforts to reinforce the CIA's position are under threat.

With Brody still missing, his family are in a mess. Left humiliated and abandoned by the Marine Corps, things are made worse when Dana's behaviour becomes even more destructive…

Homeland, C4, 9pm