Exclusive: BINTM's Emma Ward: "I'm still working at the call centre!"

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Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model runner up Emma Ward has sadly returned to her job in a call centre, but she definitely wants to pursue modelling full-time.

The 20-year-old hopeful seriously proved her worth in this year's series of BINTM with her high fashion look and gutsy personality and, although she missed out in the final minute to Lauren Lambert, Emma delivered a strong and impressive image for tanning brand St. Tropez.

Reveal caught up with the Leeds local to discuss the competition now it is over and to find out what she enjoyed most about being on BINTM.

Emma Ward on Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model - 2013

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Commiserations Emma, you just missed out, but how does it feel to be runner up?

"It's fine. Out of thousands of girls, I'm the runner up. It would have been really nice to win, but I did so well. Now I have the stress of finding an agency to sign with though - if I had won the competition, I would have one..."

You looked gutted when you found out the judges final decision. What was going through your mind in that moment?

"When Sarah and I went on stage, we could tell that Lauren had won. We guessed before the finale catwalk. It was a feeling we both had. For a minute, I thought maybe I could have won, but then Lauren's picture came on the screen and I just thought, 'Oh God, I haven't won'.

Emma Ward, Lauren Lambert, Sarah Kennedy on Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model - 2013

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The girls had a tense wait before finiding out who had won

"I know I did really well, but I'm still scared I'm going to get knocked back again when I try and pursue modelling full-time. I want to be signed with an agency in London, but I've tried before and it didn't go well. I like to think that I've done all of this work so will get signed, as I haven't even left my call centre job yet! It's not the best, but I'll be part-time soon so that I can focus on modelling. Eventually, if and when I get signed, I will quit. The aim is to model full time and move to London."

What was your favourite shoot overall?

"I really enjoyed Barbados as a whole, but my favourite shoot overall was the sugar cane one. It was an amazing background with amazing dresses and it was what I'd been waiting for all series. I prefer high fashion shoots. I'm not big on smiling all the time! I think my bleach blonde hair makeover was more high fashion anyway."

Emma Ward on Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model - 2013

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Emma said the sugar cane shoot was her favourite overall

And your least favourite shoot?

"The underwater shoot. I actually had a full on panic attack before I went into the water, but they didn't show that on the episode. I am a strong swimmer, I used to swim for Yorkshire, so I don't know what happened! I was talking to Sarah before I went in and I was thinking that I could drown. I worked myself up. I couldn't breathe under the water and I felt like I was drowning. It was the worst feeling ever."

How did you find the nude photo shoots?

"I wasn't even bothered in the end. I was fine, I didn't think about it. Outside of the show I'd probably be a bit more nervous, but when you are on the show it's like you're in a bubble and all I kept thinking was, 'I need to stay in the bubble'. I really enjoyed the nude shoot actually, which is a bit bizarre."

Emma Ward on Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model - 2013

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The under water shoot proved most challenging

What was the best thing about your experience on BINTM?

"There are a few. Obviously the modelling, as it's what I want to do and I was getting to do it all the time. Even though I wasn't getting paid for it, I didn't care. Going to Barbados was another great thing and also meeting all the girls. I'd consider some of the girls my best friends now, like Sarah, Saffron, Angel and Lauren."

Do you have any regrets?

"I do regret how I was on the show because I was so nervous and panicky all the time. I was so nervous everyday that I couldn't enjoy the experience. When I got through eliminations I would just be thinking, 'Oh my God, we've got another shoot and a challenge', so I was overthinking everything. Looking back I did enjoy it, but it's hard to completely enjoy things when you are under that much pressure!"

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