Nicola McLean's CBB blog: "Can Mario Falcone get any cuter?"

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After an eventful day at another theme park, two sick children and a trip to A&E (don't ask), I was more than ready to chill out and watch the house's reaction to Danielle's departure.

Louie has grown on me and I actually find him so funny! He really didn't give a monkeys when Danielle was quizzing him about how he earns money (I mean, who does this?) and he said: "I don't do anything, my dad pays". Danielle was gobsmacked! Louie is very dry and quick-witted. I'm enjoying watching him.

Louie Spence in the pool in CBB - 29 August 2013

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Lauren's reaction to Ron suggesting she should be put up for eviction was strange... He was clearly saying he thought she could win and wanted to test this theory, but Lauren was so offended. Her response shows how much she wants this - she really wants to win CBB so badly! Lauren is a fantastic housemate and is so interesting to watch, but she's so vulnerable and needs constant reassurance from her housemates.

Her relationship with Courtney is sweet. I love Courtney, she is fabulous and has a lovely nature. She is very giving to Lauren. I do worry how Lauren will cope when it's her time to go. She seems to have a lot riding on this emotionally.

Lauren Harries wears rollers on Celebrity Big Brother - 29 August 2013

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To be honest, I found the nominations predictable. Those now facing the prospect of being the second housemate out are Louie, Lauren, Charlotte, Courtney and Ron.

Surprisingly, Charlotte took this really hard. I thought it would have been water off a duck's back and I really felt for her. It wasn't nice seeing her so sad, but I couldn't help but chuckle at her when she said that she'd been nominated because she wet the bed.

Mario Falcone comforts Charlotte Crosby on CBB - 29 August 2013

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Mario and Sophie where straight in there acting like comfort blankets for Charlotte. Can Mario get any cuter? The way he wiped away Charlotte's tears made my heart melt. Sophie had words of advice for everyone's favourite Geordie lass, even going as far as comparing Charlotte's outrageous drunk behaviour to her days of drug addiction (I can't imagine Sophie, darrrrling, wetting the bed though)!

I have to say, I am outraged that Carol called Charlotte a "Geordie slag"!!! I love Carol, but this was below the belt and I'm shocked she even thinks like that! I'm worried CBB is going to have a negative effect on Carol, as getting drunk every night and being this outspoken might lose her some popularity. But then, who am I to judge?

Can wait for tonight's live eviction: who goes you decide......

Nicola x

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