Film Review: We're The Millers (Cert 15)

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We have to confess. We laughed lots during this movie – especially at the bad taste bits.

And there's plenty of them as Jennifer Aniston and US comedian Jason Sudekis team up to play the average All-American family taking their teenage son and daughter across the border to Mexico in their All-American camper van.

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Except Aniston really isn't yummy mummy Mrs Miller, she's actually a jaded stripper called Rose.

Sudekis plays David, a small time pot dealer who's been forced to make a drug running trip to Mexico by an evil drug lord. Reckoning that the best way to get away with smuggling a ton of drugs from Mexico back into the USA, David has recruited the ultimate dysfunctional 'family' to play his 'perfect' All American family.

Daughter Casey (Emma Roberts) is a homeless street girl with lots of attitude while son Kenny (Will Poulter) is a wide-eyed never been kissed virgin.

Scrubbed up and made under they look like the ultimate squeaky clean family from a soap commercial but you just know the scene is set for disaster. And yes, things do go terribly wrong – but it's all great fun to watch.

Already dubbed 'the summer's funniest and filthiest' movie, it has some of the year's most tasteless scenes (a swollen teenage scrotum the size of a large grapefruit comes to mind: be warned, it's in the trailer we've posted here), but it's so tongue in cheek you can't take it seriously.

Jennifer Aniston may be getting all the headlines because of her amazing semi-naked stripper turn (even 20ft high on the screen we can't spot any imperfections) but she demonstrates her comedic talents just as well as her physical ones - helped by great fellow cast members, it has to be said, especially Brit actor Poulter.

Watch the official trailer for We're The Millers below:

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