Workout tips for looking good in your denim shorts this summer!

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Selena Gomez enroute to her iHeartRadio appearance, New York, America - 25 Jul 2013

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Selena Gomez is a high-waisted shorts hero!

Thanks to the recent heatwave, plenty of us have enjoyed dusting off our shorts and getting into the summer style spirit, pretending we're actually abroad in the sunshine rather than back home and still having to go to work!

The temperatures may have cooled off slightly this week but we're keeping our fingers crossed there is more scorching weather to come... and when it does, we'll be taking style inspiration from short-loving stars like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Caroline Flack, who always look fab flaunting their bare legs in high-waisted hot pants.

And in preparation of slipping our shorts back on again (and to celebrate the launch of the new Denim Studio sportswear space at Selfridges' flagship store on Oxford Street), Zaggora Fitness guru Linda Jones has given us some top tips on toning up…

"For the perfect nipped in waist, you need to ensure that you are working all the vital muscles," says Linda.

"These exercises will take inches off your middle while keeping your back and core stronger than it's ever been before."

Hand walkouts

(This exercise can be made easier if performed kneeling)

1. In a press up position, draw your belly button up towards your spine, ensuring your back is perfectly straight.
2. Slowly walk your hands out as far as you can keeping your feet still.
3. Stop when you feel your abs engage but before any strain is felt on your lower back.
4. Walk hands all the way back up again and repeat 10-15 times.

Zaggora workout - hand walkouts 1

Zaggora workout - hand walkouts 2

Zaggora workout - hand walkouts 3

Rotational reach

(This exercise can be made easier if performed kneeling)

1. In a press up position, draw your belly button up towards your spine ensuring your back is perfectly straight.
2. Lift one arm up and back behind you allowing hips to carefully rotate with it.
3. Look up towards your hand and hold for 3 seconds before returning your arm back down in to a press up position.
4. Repeat on the other arm and alternate for 20 reps.

Zaggora workout - rotational reach 1

Zaggora workout - rotational reach 2

Zaggora workout - rotational reach 3

Hip dips

1. Lay on your side with your legs out straight.
2. Resting on your forearm and feet, lift your whole body up from the floor.
3. Hold this whilst keeping your spine straight and look forward.
4. In this position slowly dip your hip down towards the floor and press back up again. Do this 10 times on each side.

Zaggora workout - hip dips 1

Zaggora workout - hip dips 2

Deck chair

1. Lay flat on your back with your arms and legs out stretched.
2. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale bring both knees in towards your chest.
3. Bringing your chest and shoulders slightly off of the floor, reach both arms up and forward over the knees towards your feet.
4. Inhale and return back down to a flat outstretched position. Repeat 12 times.

Zaggora workout - deckchair 1

Zaggora workout - deckchair 2

Zaggora workout - deckchair 3

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