Sunday's TV pick: The Returned

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If you like a bit of the supernatural, and aren't put off by subtitles, then French crime thriller The Returned is for you.

It's had rave reviews across the Channel and with the success of foreign-language dramas on other stations, C4 are hoping for a big hit.

The Returned, C4, Sun 9 June

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In a small Alpine village, the mountain community are rocked when two local people - teenager Camille and a guy called Simon - reappear at their homes when they're supposed to be dead!

They both died years earlier, but they haven't aged and are completely unaware of their own deaths. Spooky!

Camille and Simon assume they can rejoin the world as if nothing happened, but their friends and family are in a state of shock and don't know how to handle their return.

To make matters even more tricky, seven years ago, the town was struck by a series of bloody murders – and now it seems the killings have started up again…

The Returned, C4, 9pm

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