Men have forgotten how to act around women: tips for wooing ladies!

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By: Andrea Leebody

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If you're hoping to bag yourself a gentleman, you better think again (or at least leave the UK). A new survey has revealed that British men have completely forgotten how to act around a woman.

The survey from showed that lucky ladies have to put up with gross behaviour like spitting in public - which almost half of men admit to doing.

Only four in ten blokes hold doors open for girls on a regular basis.

And if that wasn't enough to swear you off men forever, 96 per cent of blokes happily curse in public.

Let's hope it's not when their mums are listening.

The same number of blokes would stubbornly refuse to give up their seat for a pregnant woman or elderly person.

"It's shameful that as a society we have let our standards slip," says Mark Hall managing director of, who carried out the research. "We need to reeducate the men of Great Britain in how to act like gentlemen, and restore our reputation."

He offers five tips to blokes who want to clean up their act:

1. Look after your appearance: never wear odd socks.

2. Cursing is rude: others will only remember you for your vulgarity.

3. Let others speak: allow others to finish what they are saying before adding your comments.

4. Do not spit: unless you want to look like you were raised in a sewer.

5. There is no need to shout: when a person speaks loudly it raises stress levels among your company and shows you are rude.

Does your man need these tips? Tell us below!

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