Russell Grant's Daily Horoscopes for Saturday 15 June 2013

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Russell Grant's Daily Horoscopes for Saturday 15 June 2013

Russell Grant's stars, Gemini

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GEMINI 22 May – 21 June
Don't be so quick to dismiss an expert opinion. You're in over your head and need someone to help you out of this mess. Continuing to press forward will only make the problem worse. You should tread carefully here, as your professional reputation is on the line. A seasoned colleague will be able to salvage this job, but only with a lot of coaxing. Let this be a lesson about cultivating good friendships in the workplace. Be kind to people at every level of the organisation.

CANCER 22 June – 23 July
You're working hard but not getting much recognition. Channel your energy in a different direction. A spiritual or cultural leader disapproves of your irreverent attitude. Instead of trying to win their approval, continue to obey your instincts. You're not interested in being respectable; you'd rather have fun. Someone with tremendous sexual magnetism is giving you the eye. Bask in their attention, but don't give your heart away. Play the field before setting your sights on one special lover.

LEO 24 July – 23 August
Although you are consumed by restless energy, you won't be able to explore new horizons. Half done jobs demand your attention. People are waiting for you to return their calls. Your family needs your help with several critical tasks. Instead of cursing these ties that bind, embrace them. It's nice to be needed, even when it is inconvenient and what would be the alternative? By putting your nose to the grindstone, you'll be able to fulfil your obligations in record time.

VIRGO 24 August – 23 September
You will fall short of your goals, which is devastating. It's rare for a capable person like you to experience failure. When it does happen, it pays to be philosophical. What other options are available? Disappointment is the Universe's way of pointing you in another direction. You will be surprised to discover that a newcomer is captivated by you. Never underestimate the powers of your sex appeal. If you're already in a relationship, arrange a romantic getaway with your amour.

LIBRA 24 September – 23 October
It's important to finish what you have started. You have so many interests and enjoy juggling several projects at once. If you fail to carry through with a writing project, you'll feel empty and deflated. Don't feel compelled to accept every invitation that comes your way. You would also be wise to avoid sugar, fat and alcohol. Overloading on junk food will just make you exhausted and cranky, when you need every ounce of energy to run this last leg of the race.

SCORPIO 24 October – 22 November
Jealousy will rear its ugly head. The sight of a loved one having fun with someone else fills you with rage. Instead of letting this anger get the best of you, channel it in a more rewarding direction. You have an opportunity to take the helm of a prestigious group. Working with highly talented people will give your ego a much needed boost. You'll be gratified to see your ideas being eagerly received. In the past, your proposals were written off as too radical. Now they're celebrated as utterly brilliant.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November – 21 December
The object of your affection is indifferent to your charms. This comes as quite a blow. Instead of lingering on your heartache, look for a distraction. A moneymaking endeavour is worth your time and energy. You may have to spend long hours on this job. There won't be much time for fun and games. Once the profits start rolling in, you will be glad you made the sacrifice. Make sure to console your family, which won't be very happy with your prolonged absences.

CAPRICORN 22 December – 20 January
Nervous tension is starting to take its toll. Relaxation techniques will be tremendously beneficial. Whenever you feel your pulse start to pound or a headache looming, stop what you are doing and take a deep breath. Stop going over the endless list of chores that keeps reeling through your head. Go outside and get some fresh air. Do whatever it takes to get some perspective. There is more to life than work. Take your cues from a spiritual leader whom you've always admired.

AQUARIUS 21 January – 19 February
No matter how hard you try, you simply can't get the attention you crave. Your battered ego needs a break. Retreat to some quiet place where you can recharge your batteries and forge a new plan of action. An exciting job will soon become available, but you're uncertain whether you want the added responsibility. Go ahead and apply for it. You'll learn more about the position when you get called for an interview. Beware of donating money to an unfamiliar charity.

PISCES 20 February – 20 March
Your impractical approach will get you in trouble with a business or romantic partner. It's important to pay more attention to bills, chores and appointments. Consider how thoughtless errors create more work for those around you. Your family is especially impatient with your scatter brained ways. Failing to show up for meetings makes people feel insulted. How you would feel if the tables were turned? Take your cues from a thoughtful older friend with some good advice to offer.

ARIES 21 March – 20 April
You're eager to put a plan into action, but will encounter great resistance. Try to keep your temper under control. Things will go your way if you practice restraint. It's especially important to make a good impression on a powerful authority figure. If you get this executive on your side, obstacles will melt into thin air. You'll be given free rein and a big budget. An artistic relative can help you work past a stubborn creative block. Make good use of their constructive criticism.

TAURUS 21 April – 21 May
It is necessary to move a little faster than usual to reach a goal. You face stiff competition, so deliberating over choices is not an option. Don't let a lazy friend distract you from all the work you have to do. There will be plenty of time to relax and gossip after you've dotted the final I' and crossed the last t.' Your practical skills will come in handy when an absent minded colleague reaches an impasse with a job. Swoop in and save the day.

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