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Hagenbeck Zoo has just proven porcupines really are oh-so-cute!

Published Friday, May 8 2015, 02:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Germany's Hagenbeck Zoo may have just stolen our hearts with their latest resident... a super-cute baby porcupine!

Think porcupines and you immediately have a series of painful images and plenty of spikes running through your head, right?

Usually the furry creatures are on your list to avoid, but one zoo in Germany has just proven that actually the rodents can be rather adorable.

Baby porcupine at Hagenbeck Zoo, Germany
7 May

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During their annual animal stocktake, zookeepers at Hagenbeck Zoo showed off their latest resident, Kevin, the baby North American porcupine - or porcupette as baby porcupines are ofter called.

And he doesn't look so scary after all, does he?!

In fact, the little mite looks oh-so-cuddly and his furry coat and big blue eyes have definitely got us coo'ing over him. Even if the quills on his back could potentially cause some damage...

We'd still go in for a snuggle though, would you?

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