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Zoo staff treated to late Christmas present... a cute baby hippo!

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Zookeepers at ZSL's Whipsnade Zoo were treated to a super-cute late Christmas present as Flora the hippo finally gave birth to a baby boy!

Despite being due on Christmas Day, heavily pregnant pygmy hippo Flora wasn't going to let herself go into labour in the middle of all her festive fun.

Instead, the 28-year-old held on just a little longer, finally welcoming her baby one day later on Boxing Day.

Baby pygmy hippo, Whipsnade Zoo
15 january

© ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Isn't he a cutie!!

After a gruelling six hours of labour, Flora finally welcomed her baby boy - much to her zookeepers' delight, as having another male around will come in very handy for the rest of the pod.

Speaking about their new arrival, senior keeper Steve White said: "We knew Flora must be going into labour because she went off her food – which never happens!

"After a six hour labour, the calf was born, a 7 kilo, perfect miniature of his mum."

Baby pygmy hippo, Whipsnade Zoo
15 january

© ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Since his arrival, the little calf has been settling into his new home and word on the street is that he's a right little water baby already.

So much so, keepers struggled to pick up the tot for his first weigh-in as his skin was way too slippery.


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