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Hagenbeck Zoo's happiest residents ever: The smiling zebras

Published Friday, Jan 9 2015, 02:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
Hagenbeck Zoo's zebra residents have been caught red handed smiling for the cameras.

With Christmas all over, the January blues are coming thick and fast, but Reveal has something that is bound to cheer you up this Friday morning...

Smiling zebras, Hagenbeck Zoo, Germany
2 January

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Only the two happiest zebras, like ever!

We don't know what's cuter their smile or their little tufts of hair?!

Captured on camera at Hagenbeck Zoo, Germany, these two zebras appeared to be having a great time out and about in their enclosure last week.

While one zebra almost looks like they are mid laugh, behind him another is flashing their not so pearly whites with a massive cheesy grin.

We wonder what's got them smiling so much... Funny joke, perhaps? A passing visitor tickle them?

Whatever is, we want in!

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