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London Zoo gets another new arrival, a very cute baby gorilla

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London Zoo have another new arrival on their hands, after one of their Western lowland gorillas gave birth to a very cute baby earlier this month.

On 10 December, zookeepers were surprised by this little one's arrival as mum Mijukuu welcomed her baby overnight.

How's that for an early Christmas present!

London Zoo welcomes baby Gorilla
10 December

© ZSL London Zoo

London Zoo hasn't yet revealed if their latest addition is a boy or a girl, but one thing is for sure, it's absolutely adorable! Just look at its little nose and fingers.

Giving us all a glimpse at the infant, the tot was captured on the day it was born having a cuddle with mum. Aww.

And, 15-year-old Mijukuu still isn't ready to let go of her little one a couple of weeks on.

Pictured more recently, the gorilla's maternal instincts have clearly kicked in already, with mum still keeping her baby close to her.

London Zoo welcomes baby Gorilla
10 December

© Glynn Hennessy

Speaking about their new arrival, Gorilla keeper Daniel Simmonds said: "We are thrilled with the birth of a baby gorilla here at ZSL London Zoo and mum and infant are both doing really well.

"Mjukuu gave birth overnight, surrounded by the rest of the troop – who all seem very pleased, and quite intrigued, by the new arrival."

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