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Orangutan mum and baby get stuck into their Christmas presents

Published Friday, Dec 26 2014, 08:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
While we were busy tearing open our Christmas presents yesterday, so was this cute orangutan duo down in Devon.

Luckily for mum Mali and her baby Tatau, Santa made sure to pay them a visit too, dropping off plenty of pressies for the pair to get their hands on.

And he even left behind his sack to help them beat the chill!

Orangutans open Christmas presents, Paignton Zoo, Devon
15 December

© Rex Features / Richard Austin

Paignton Zoo's small orangutan family were treated to a number of beautifully wrapped gifts this Christmas. Although, not surprisingly, the wrapping didn't stay that way for too long...

Delving into their Christmas goodies, Mali - helped by her her little cutie Tatau - tore open their presents to see what was inside.

Orangutans open christmas presents at Paignton Zoo, Devon
15 December

© Rex Features / Richard Austin

Now what would Santa leave for a pair of primates?

Plenty of corn to feast on, judging by Mali's handful. Merry Christmas you two!

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