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Clever canine Harry impresses with his very cool tricks!

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Clever canine and 'My Dog's Got Talent' winner Harry is possibly the coolest dog ever, thanks to his ability to pull off an array of impressive tricks.

From a tearaway pup to a disciplined dog, Labrador cross Harry has learnt the art of a number of things from skateboarding (we're not kidding!), to playing the piano, delivering the post and many, many more.

In fact, we're not so sure there isn't anything he cannot do!

Harry the dog skateboarding

© Rex Features / M & Y News Ltd

Back in the day ol' Harry wasn't quite the mastermind he is now at three years old.

A boisterous puppy, the clever pooch used to have a barking problem, but now highly-trained - and with more than a few tricks up his sleeve (or paw for that matter!), he has been entertaining everyone.

But not without the hard graft of his owner Christina Farley!

Admitting Harry needed to learn a "lot of self control", Christina, from Stubbington, Hants, has taken it upon herself to train her pet pup for four hours a week.

And it seems to be paying off!

Not only is Harry a skateboarding pro and a musical whiz, he can stack children's cups in size order and even walk with a suitcase in his mouth, before opening it up, rolling out a blanket and tucking himself in.


Harry the dog stacks children cups

© Rex Features / M & Y News Ltd

Speaking about her dog, Christina said: "When he was four months old he used to bark excessively [and I was told] he was like that because he was very intelligent.

"At first I didn't believe them but they proved me wrong. He just needed his mind stimulated. Now he does tricks for fun.

"It's amazing how far he has come. He's a very lovely, energetic dog."


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