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Brit boys are outdone by kangaroo in hilarious selfie!

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Who knew a kangaroo could outdo a group of British boys when it comes to taking a selfie?!

Well, it's true.

This stag group got to know the locals pretty well on their trip Down Under, so much so that they even stopped for a snap with one of their new found pals.

British tourists take a selfie with kangaroo, Steve Urwin's Australia Zoo, Australia
October 2014

© Rex Features / Brendan Cleaves

He's a natural, right?!

Brendan Cleaves and his friends had travelled to Australia for a wedding, and on a trip to Steve Urwin's Australia Zoo, they came across one kangaroo in particular who wanted to join their party.

Fitting right in with its visitors, this cheeky roo knew exactly what to do when the guys went to take a selfie.

Just check out his pose! He looks just as happy as Brendan and the gang do.

Speaking about their kangaroo kodak moment, Brendan said: "We took the usually tourist pictures, but [this kangaroo] just followed us about, as if the normal pictures weren't cutting it for him.

"We all knew what he was trying to get at, so we all huddled around and got an awesome selfie. Admittedly it did take a few goes, but he was a perfectionist!"

Now, that is one selfie we would love to recreate! Anyone for a trip to Oz?

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