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Animal lover sets up her own 'Hogpital Ward' to rescue hedgehogs

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Animal lover and do good'er Tonia Garner has dedicated a room in her house especially for rescuing hedgehogs!

Creating her very own 'Hogpital Ward' in her spare bedroom, Tonia has taken it upon herself to look out for any injured, orphaned or abandoned hedgehogs roaming around.

But why does she do it?

"They are the most gorgeous little creatures," she says.

Animal lover turns her spare bedroom into a hospital for hedgehogs, Hemsby, Norfolk, Britain
3 November 2014

© Rex Features / Jeremy Durkin

Aww! Looking at this little guy she's definitely right.

Desperate to look after hedgehogs in need, Tonia has vowed never to turn one away - even if she does have too many on her hands.

She says: "We will find a way to take care of them. Simple as that."

And, her straight-talking attitude has meant that Tonia has taken in more than 30 prickly patients at one time before.

Talk about a full house!

Animal lover turns spare bedroom into a hospital for hedgehogs, Hemsby, Norfolk, Britain
3 November

© Rex Features / Jeremy Durkin

Providing a sanctuary for the garden animals, Tonia and her husband set to work keeping their hedgehogs warm and well fed until they are fighting fit again.

Asked how she knows how to care for the hedgehogs, Tonia revealed the internet did help her nail her art as well as joking it's just like caring for a newborn...

30 newborns at one time?!

We think she deserves a medal!

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