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Photogenic baby clownfish strikes a pose for the camera in Indonesia

Published Friday, Nov 1 2013, 07:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
This adorable baby clownfish looks ridiculously photogenic in front of the camera!

The young clownfish was captured alongside its parent in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia and appeared to be smiling and posing as it opened up its mouth.

Baby Clownfish and parent smiles for the camera in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia - 26 Sep 2013

© REX/Ed Brown

Ed Brown, who captured the clownfish in its habitat while diving, said he only managed to take one picture as the little fish was darting around so furiously!

He added: "I think the clownfish was just happy to be home."

Clownfish, which are usually bright orange with white markings, are typically found in tropical marine waters around the world.

The species, which were made famous by Disney's 2003 animation Finding Nemo, are very territorial but also home loving creatures.

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