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Norwegian polar bear showcases her yoga moves!

Published Friday, Aug 23 2013, 10:28 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Check out this female polar bear doing a spot of yoga. She should be called Yogi Bear!

It turns out this is a regular exercise for the bear who lives in Spitsbergen, Norway, after being captured practising her moves at 5am in the morning.

Polar bear appears to be exercising, Spitsbergen, Norway - 20 Jul 2013
Exercising yoga polar bear 3
20 Jul 2013

© REX/Paul Goldstein/Exodus

The polar bear, who lives in and around the ice-covered waters of the Arctic, had been up all night but spent a few minutes stretching in what very much looks like an early morning exercise class!

Photographer Paul Goldstein, who captured the rare moment, said: "In 24 hour daylight it can be exhausting with your eyes permanently trained to a scope or binoculars, but to find a bear in this sort of environment is massively exciting."

Paul also stayed around to see what moves the polar bear was going to perform next. He explained: "This female was trying to pinch a seal kill from a larger male bear who, understandably, was not giving up his spoils."

We wonder what other tricks she's got up her sleeves!

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