Hannah's Wedding blog: "We did it!"

Friday, October 18 2013, 19:00 BST
From the moment I woke up to see sunshine streaming through my bedroom window to the minute we waved goodbye to our most drunken wedding guests... The Boyo (Husbo?) and I had the most incredible day.

It went beautifully. A team of our brilliant mates helped us to set up the venue bright and early in the morning, then I headed back to mine with my bridesmaids to get our pamper on.

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Hannah and her besties, bridesmaids Kim and Emily

After slipping on my dress and sipping my first glass of champagne, I was ready to get married, and seeing The Boyo's face as I walked down the aisle is a memory I'll never forget.

We drank, we laughed, we danced, we ate... a lot. I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and made it the most brilliant day. And thanks to all of you for following my wedding blog, it's been so much fun!

Over and out x

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Hannah and The Husbo share a moment.

Wedding blog: It's the final countdown!

Friday, September 20 2013, 21:00 BST
When I started this blog, my actual wedding seemed so far off that it didn't feel quite real. Now, it's one week away!


Alarm clock showing time against white background, close up

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Not long now!

The Boyo and I have been busying ourselves putting the final touches on everything.

We also decided it would be a good idea to move house, which was possibly foolish, so amid all the wedding planning we've been packing up our home in London.

Plus, I'm leaving my job at Reveal. So three major changes at once. Argh!

Needless to say the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' T-shirt I stopped wearing when I saw Jordan had the same one has been dragged out of my wardrobe and worn relentlessly, in the hope that the motto will infuse into my subconscious.

Thankfully, we've got two weeks off so, in the week running up to the wedding, we'll have time to do all the little bits that need finishing off.

We've roped in relatives to do some baking, and I've issued my mum with a ginormous To Do list.

Model in a pool with flowers.

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I fancy doing this...

Quad bike and extreme off road racing media day at Weymouth, Dorset, Britain - 09 Jan 2013

© Rex Features / Geoff Moore

... But The Boyfriend would rather do this.

Basically, I'm delegating absolutely everything, so that The Boyo and I can spend a day at a spa! I'm pretty excited about this.

Though my husband-to-be wants to hire bikes and use the pool, whereas I've been trying to tempt him to join me for an aqua yoga class and a pedicure. This is unlikely to happen.

Next time you hear from me, I'll be a married woman!

It's finally happened... I've turned into Bridezilla

Friday, September 13 2013, 17:00 BST
We've all heard about Bridezilla-syndrome, right? Where even the most chilled out of girls turns into a crazy, three-headed beast the very minute she gets engaged?

Well, I've been pretty smug about the fact that it most definitely would not be happening to me.

I wanted wedding planning to be fun, relaxed and calm, and I think we've (mostly) succeeded - one friend even said this to me: "You seem so relaxed!"

If only they knew the truth... there is one very specific area of my wedding planning where I am not relaxed at all, I'm positively mental.

Cross woman

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Hannah's acting like a crazy lady.

Woman wearing boxing gloves

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Hannah didn't look quite so glam in her boxing gloves.

It dawned on me the other day, as I barked instructions down the phone to The Boyo, thus: "HAVE YOU BEEN FOR A RUN TODAY?"

"Erm, no, I haven't got time," was his response. Me: "I'm getting up early just so I can fit one in..." *pregnant pause*

Yep, I've gone keep-fit crazy.

There's something about the idea of wearing a wedding dress which makes me want to be in the best shape I possibly can on W-day.

So I've been re-capping some old tips and advice from my wedding blog, making sure I eat healthy foods and trying to fit in a couple of runs a week, too.

Hannah Doyle on a run with her boyfriend - Wedding blog use ONLY

© Hannah Doyle

Hannah and her boyfriend head out for a seaside run.

I also tried a taster session with a personal trainer called Nick, who is built like a brick s***house has developed specific PT sessions for brides-to-be.

Nick, who runs Moose X-Training, didn't take any prisoners. He had me running around the park wearing a parachute on my back. I may not have looked like the coolest kid in town, but it was ruddy hard work!

After 45 gruelling minutes - in which I boxed, attempted to lift a medicine ball, did planks, sprinted, lunged, the list goes on - I was knackered. But it was really useful, because I learned the areas of my body which need work (I have the upper body strength of a Borrower) and, as a gymophobe, I loved working outside in the fresh air. My thighs hurt for DAYS after.

I'd always thought getting a personal trainer would be way out of my budget, but if you do your research, there are ways to make it work.

Lots of PTs offer group sessions for the same price as an individual session. Time with a pro and the opportunity to work out with your bridesmaids? Result! Also, check out introductory offers as a lot of people will give you a free consultation, too.

Not long after my session, I had my final dress fitting. Hello, nerves!

Thankfully it fit like a dream and getting it on made me feel SO excited about our wedding day.

Hopefully that means I can chill the heck out about my fitness regime and stop attempting to boss my boyfriend around over his. TWO WEEKS TO GO!

Check out www.themoose.uk.com

'The most amazing weekend ever!' The mother of all hen dos

Friday, August 30 2013, 15:30 BST
I'm back at my desk and fresh (well, maybe fresh isn't the the most accurate description) from the most amazing weekend EVER.

My hen do. The weekend where my favourite women in the world gathered to get drunk in a field in the middle of the rural West Country.

Hannah with her hens during her hen do. August 2013.

© Hannah Doyle

Wrapped up warm for a country walk. Yes, Hannah is holding a small pink penis.

Here's what went down. My bridesmaids busied themselves planning the ultimate weekend while simultaneously keeping everything a secret from me. All I knew was when to book time off work, and I only discovered that after reminding Bristol Bridesmaid that it might be useful information to have.

Totally clueless about what we were up to, let alone where we were going, I crammed the majority of my wardrobe into a rucksack (and approx. three other bags) to cover all eventualities.

On Friday afternoon, two of my London-based besties came to pick me up and we spent the next four hours hurtling through the countryside in a Mini, troffing crisps, singing Kylie songs and scaring workmen during a rowdy charge through a service station.

We pulled up as the sun was setting over an idyliic glamp site… We'd be sleeping in tipis Cath Kidston herself would be envious of. Happy face!

The glamping site at Hannah Doyle's hen do, August 2013.

© Hannah Doyle

Tipi tastic at Hannah's hen do.

Hannah with her bridesmaids, hen do, August 2013. For Hannah's Wedding blog.

© Hannah Doyle

Hannah with her brilliant bridesmaids.

And so the next 48 hours were spent drinking way too much Prosecco, eating homemade treats, proving unsuccessful at penis hoopla, going on a country walk and dodging all the sheep poo, learning that The Boyo knows more about me than I do thanks to a rather revealing game of Mr and Mrs, having a squat off (obvs I won - I'm a bride on a mission)... the list goes on.

Wierdly, I didn't get much use out of the two post-shower outfit options I'd packed. I did, however, get cajoled into wearing a questionable-looking corset.

It was crazy good. On the last day, I burst into tears when the girls presented me with a book of memories and a beautiful picture. Hash tag, omg.

Thanks to all the chickens on the hen, what a bunch of legends.

Stag do fears for the bride-to-be

Friday, August 16 2013, 20:30 BST
The stag do… That fabled event that strikes fear into the heart of many a bride-to-be.

I like to think I'm pretty easygoing when it comes to my fiancé's drunken antics, but his friends have got previous…

One broke a mates's actual ribs on a stag do, rendering said stag unable to go to Glastonbury that year. Another got so drunk at a wedding that he head butted the wedding cake.

Man in a bar, stock image

© Rex Features / Monkey Business Images

File photo

So I sort of feared that the boyo would come back sans eyebrows / dignity.

Then I had a little ask around Reveal HQ, which was possibly foolish, as the team came up with some cracking stag stories.

One girl's mates all headed to stag haven Prague on a weekender earlier this year. After sinking possibly gallons of booze, the lads thought it would be hilarious to get the name of their best mate – the stag himself – tattooed on their butt cheeks.

Returning home, I'm told a number of wives and girlfriends were less than impressed to find the stag's name, Tim, emblazoned on their loved ones' bums.

A groom in fancy dress makes the most of the sunny weather on Bournemouth beach during his stag do, July 2008


This unfortunate chap donned a fat suit, blonde wig and a bikini on his stag.

Another Revealer told how her boyfriend and his mates had headed to Chester racecourse for a friend's stag celebrations, where they promptly got stuck into the free booze in their hospitality tent.

Too drunk to remember his own name, let alone stand, the stag in question had to be carted off via ambulance and saw in the end of his do in hospital, while his less-than-sympathetic mates took pictures of him being stretchered off and uploaded them to Facebook.

Argh! Hello, fears of The Boyfriend ending up in hospital having his stomach pumped post-stag.

In the end, however, I had nothing to worry about. My boyfriend came back from a festival in one piece, while I spent the weekend back in the capable arms of mother hen doing fabulous things like getting a facial. Nice!

It's actually happening! I'll be married in two months time!

Monday, August 5 2013, 20:00 BST
First thing's first, I haven't blogged for yonks and I've missed you!

The fact is, the ol' wedding planning has stepped up a gear and I've been proper busy. So, major sozza for my absence.

Anyway, now I'm back. And the main thing on my mind recently has been something along the lines of this… "Ohmychrist we are actually getting married really soon and there's a lot to do and it's all feeling really real bloody hell."

Or something less eloquent.

Chelsy Davy is bridesmaid at the wedding of Lady Melissa Percy to Thomas van Straubenzee in Northumberland, 22 June 2013

© Rex Features

Chelsy Davy loved her bridesmaid flowers.

A trio of puddings.

© Rex Features

Tasting all the wedding food has been SUCH a chore.

It all began a few weekends ago, when The Boyo and I headed back to our home town for a bit of wedmin. (That's wedding admin for those of you able to form sentences without the need to abbreviate).

Because we're not getting hitched in London (where we live) but near our original homes in the countryside (because I'm a closet country bumpkin) we'd organised back to back meetings with all the key players so we could get lots sorted in one go.

So we trotted back to the Midlands and soon enough we were in a whirlwind of tasting sample menus, finalising florist plans, dress shopping with my boyfriend's mum, getting his suit altered… It was a little bit like a military operation, racing from one (very romantic) task to the next.

By the end of the weekend, we were a wee bit knackered, but we'd also managed to tie up lots of loose ends and the day itself is totally coming together now. Boom!

It's also really sunk in that, in two months time, I'll be a Mrs. Or a Madame in France, or a Senora in Spain. Eeek! I'm so grown up.

Chloe Madeley's get fit tips for your wedding dress

Monday, July 1 2013, 19:00 BST
Milestone moment… I've now got just three months 'til my wedding day. Deep breaths!

So I'm starting to think about getting in shape and, considering I've been glued to Chloe Madeley's Twitter feed ever since she began sharing pics of her mega hot body online, I thought she'd be the perfect girl to get some tips from.

Chloe Madeley shares Twitter picture of her weight loss and fitness regime.

© Twitter / Chloe Madeley

Chloe looks buff. Fact.

Chloe's lost half a stone since she started working out with her personal trainer boyfriend, Danny Young, and says she's gone from a size 10 to a small size 8.

"Within 2 weeks I was seeing a difference in my body, and after 12 weeks my body had totally changed," the 25-year-old tells me.

She's practically cut out alcohol – which, btw, she totally recommends for feeling super healthy – and says: "I train between 5 and 6 days a week, for about 45 minutes a day.

Chloe Madeley picture of herself in a bikini

© Chloe Madeley

Chloe loves her new bikini bod.

Woman exercising

© Rex Features

I'll be doing this later.

"I mix cardio and strength work, but sometimes I just focus on weights, which has made a huge difference to my body."

Chloe also recommends revamping your diet: "What you eat is half the battle, if not more. I'm not saying you should go on a diet, I'm suggesting you eat clean, healthy things that will give you energy.

"Ditch white carbs, sugar, and anything processed. I eat small meals or healthy snacks every three hours."

OK, this all sounds pretty sensible to me! Now, helpful Ms Madeley has put together some targeted tips for us brides-to-be, so whatever type of dress you're wearing on the day, you can do some moves to get the part of your body on show in shape.

Bridal gown, back of wedding dress

© Rex Features

The classic bridal dress shape - get working on that back, girls!

Showing off your arms in a strappy dress?
"If you're not a member of a gym, you can get strong, lean arms by doing tricep dips on a park bench and pull ups on a goal post. And if you are a gym member, lifting weights will work wonders. Running and swimming are also a great arm toners."

Showing off your shoulders in a strapless dress?
"Use the same tips as above, and try hand stands too."

Showing off your back in a backless dress?
"I train my back once or twice a week at the gym, use weights, and after 3 weeks I saw a huge difference. Ask a gym instructor to show you the ropes, as weights are subjective to each individual person.

"The Superman is a great exercise for strengthening your back and core – lie flat on your stomach with your arms out in front of you and your head facing forward, then lift one arm and the opposite leg in the air for a count of two, squeezing your muscles as you stretch. Swap and do the other arm and corresponding leg. Do 12 reps."

Showing off your bum in a fishtail dress?
"Toning your butt doesn't require a pricy gym membership, because daily lunges and squats will make a huge difference."

Showing off your calves in a short dress?
"Calf raises are super easy. Stand on a step, holding on to a banister for balance, and move your feet to the edge so your heels are hanging off. Keep you abs tight as you lower you heels down to the ground, hold for two seconds, then pull yourself up onto tip toes and hold again. Do 15 to 20 reps."

Thanks Chloe! She's also just launched her new fitness website which is worth checking out... www.fitnessfondue.com

Top bride tips: How to get your feet in the best shape EVER!

Friday, June 14 2013, 20:30 BST
With so much wedding stuff to be organised, it's easy to forget that us brides-to-be need some me-time too.

OK… YUK! The phrase 'me-time' is now being vetoed from my blog. But you get what I mean.

So when an email landed in my inbox, inviting me to a QVC press event here at Reveal HQ and offering a Margaret Dabbs medi-pedi, I was ALL. OVER. IT.

Stacey Keibler gets a pedicure, for essie and TOMs 'One Day Without Shoes' campaign, California, March 2012

© Rex Features

Stacey Keibler prefers a more traditional pedi

You know how I've been obsessed with nails since I was little? Well, it's ditto for feet (not in a weird way) and I've wanted a medical pedicure forever.

They are a bit different to your bog-standard pedicure, but I can now vouch for the fact that there's no better way to get your feet in tip top condition for your wedding day.

There's no cooing over tickly bubbles while your feet are submerged in a water bath, or fannying around with pretty nail polishes here. Nope, the aim is to buff, polish and smooth your feet into the best condition ever.

What more could a bride-to-be want? So off I pottered, to meet one of Margaret Dabbs' principal podiatrists, Tamara. Or Tamara The Legend, as I now like to call her.

Model gives herself a pedicure

© Rex Features

Hello, perfect toes!

Bride and groom showing off their feet

© Rex Features

Gotta get your feet looking good for this shot.

I plonk myself down and Tamara starts firing away questions about my foot care regime. Frivolous chit-chat about holidays or the weather is not on the cards today!

Then, she gets to work. She files, she blitzes stray cuticles, she buffs away nail ridges, and suddenly, we're done. Now, I don't want to be overdramatic here, but my feet look ah-mazing. So soft! So shiny! So NO need for nail varnish.

I float back to my desk and don't do any work for ages because I'm in foot heaven get back to work.

Tamara has some tips for brides to be, and the good news is, you don't have to fork out loads of money on regular pedis to get great results.

"I'd recommend one medi pedi, to find out what areas need attention and the best way to deal with them," says Tamara.

From then on, it's DIY. She suggests keeping an exfoliating foot mousse in the shower, to slough off dead skin cells, a few times a week.

Coupled with regular use of a foot file – "use it on dry skin, not wet," she stresses – and any hard skin will be long-gone by wedding time.

Next stop, get those tootsies moisturised! Tamara used an oil on mine, followed by a foot lotion to seal it in. "Do this for a good six weeks before your wedding," says Tamara. I'm not about to argue.

Check out www.qvcuk.com for Margaret Dabbs products.

Crafty business... Making the wedding invites

Friday, May 31 2013, 11:06 BST
If you've been tuning into my blog since the start (and if so, THANKS!) you'll remember how I said we spent a good few months post-engagement in a prosecco haze.

Too giddy about being in love etc, we chucked a few drunken wedding ideas out there, safe in the knowledge that the day itself was miles off and that we wouldn't have to do any actual work for months.

Yeah, cheers for that, drunk Hannah. I've gone and stitched myself right up, as one of those heady ideas was to make our invites.

A box of wedding invitations.

© Rex Features

Words to inspire from this set of invites.

A member of the Lord Chamberlain's Office inserts invitations to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton into envelopes

© Rex Features

What they'd look like if I'd married Prince Wills.

Make them, as in, not even design them, then order them online. Actually, make them from scratch.

It all sounded like a stroke of genius in the Prosecco Days. I studied Art at A Level, which obvs makes me more than qualified (!!!) and The Boyfriend takes a lovely photo. What more proof could we want?

Skip forward a few months, and cue HOURS of work. And when I say hours, I mean so many hours that if you string them all together, they'd probably form a whole week. (OK, I might be exaggerating a tiny bit, but we did put in a lot of work).

Hannah Doyle's wedding invite REVEAL WEDDING BLOG USE ONLY

© Hannah Doyle

The finished product!

Sourcing eco-friendly card and envelopes (I'm not a hippie, but I do like trees), figuring out a design that hints at the type of wedding we're going for, matching each individual invite (because obviously we decided to make them all different) to the guest they were intended for, weighing a proto-invite to see how much the stamps would cost… the list went on.

But, thanks to a Bank Holiday Monday spent at home surrounded by glue and twine, rather than in the sun like everyone else, the little scamps are now finished. We tied all the invite info up in bundles with our initials on, here's a sneak peek...

We started the process at Christmas, and it's now May, so a burgeoning career as a stationery designer may have to be put on the back-burner.

I've got to say though, I love them and the work was definitely worth it. I hope our guests do too!

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